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Uncover the Treasury of Great Operettas!
23 / 08 / 2021

We have 12 great volumes for the fans of the classics! Operetta – that combination between musically-silent stage plays and bombastic opera musical numbers – is here in glorious HD, featuring Victor Herbert, and masterfully conducted by Lehman Engel! It’s all here on Spotify, ready for your perusal – so have just a tiny sample of the passionate operatic works that are in store for you!

This time last week, we showed off the series “I Love Big Bands”, which is also a Blue Pie compilation, just like this one. But unlike the other compilations, this one is a retouch of a compilation that was crafted back in the day! And if Big Bands are classic, this series of works is legendary – as we’re sure it’ll be plain to see once you throw them on and let their passion take you away! Each song features many classic names such a George Gershwin, Rudolf Friml, and many more! There’s not much more to do than just plunge in to all 12 of the selections and see for yourself! They’ve all been digitally remade to sound as crisp as the day they were recorded.

On the past compilations, the album covers were designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish. This one, being the classic that it is, is a little different: Sara helped spearhead the effort of digitally recreating these vintage covers alongside fellow digital artist Chloe Ruiz! The duo have brought back the old days, with Sara handling the taxing task of repeated scans of old prints, and Chloe managing the digital touch-ups to help the covers sparkle like they were brand new! They really help get us in the mood for a throwback, which is great considering we’ve got 12 throwbacks to look at today!

These excellent operatic albums are all available now online, on Spotify and other music streaming services and retailers. Go and sink your teeth in – there’s no days like the good old days, as they say!

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