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Wear Me Down- Down3r's heartfelt journey through addiction
6 / 03 / 2019

There are certain songs that you can just feel the emotion. You can feel exactly what the song artist was going through as they wrote it. Wear Me Down is one of those songs.

DL Down3r has done it again. The mastermind behind Suga Boom Boom brings us Wear Me Down, a trip into the suffering and pain of an addict who slowly crumbles all the way down to rock bottom. The appeal of Down3r’s music is that anyone who has suffered through addiction, or knows someone who has, knows that Down3r’s music is as real as it can be. There isn’t a hint of a fake sentiment here- the song is emotional, powerful, and straight from someone who has experienced the struggle for themselves. The graphic imagery in the video really hammers home what it’s like to have been there through the use of shock, and the beat and flow leave you feeling melancholy, even while nodding your head to the song.

If you need to peek inside the world of addiction, or want to resonate with the pain of someone who has also been there, Wear Me Down is the song for you, and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and all other major music platforms, as well as on Down3r’s Facebook.


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