Bangladesh Team

Abid Hasan

General Manager Bangladesh

Meet Abid Hasan, a tech wizard with a passion for both circuits and creativity. Armed with a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, Abid’s journey into coding sparked an early fascination that set him on a path of self-discovery. Beyond textbooks, he delved into the languages of the digital realm—PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript—crafting a symphony of code alongside his academic pursuits.

In May 2022, Abid Hasan took the helm as the System Administrator at MB Creative Lab/Blue Pie/DJ Central. His domain isn’t just coding; it’s a multifaceted landscape that includes website development, database management under the watchful eye of the CTO, and the extensive royalty reporting required for Ordior.

Behind the screen, Abid is a shutterbug, capturing moments through the lens bearing witness to his adventures.

Beyond the digital realm, Abid is the convenor of Youth Ending Hunger and the president of Bandhushava. Abid mentors young people, instilling a profound sense of social responsibility.

Presently, Abid also lends his expertise to the RKM Cricket Academy, guiding aspiring teenage cricketers on their quest to compete at the national level. He coaches with the same passion he brings to his professional pursuits.

Recently, Abid has been appointed as the General Manager of the Bangladesh team for MB Creative, Blue Pie Records and Ordior, a role that recognizes his exceptional management skills. Additionally, he heads the Bangladesh Tech team, further showcasing his leadership in the tech arena.

Abid Hasan isn’t just a System Administrator; he’s a multifaceted force of nature. Here’s to Abid, the maestro of circuits, creativity, and positive change!

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