Bangladesh Team

Nabila Mehzabin Mouly

Meta Specialist

Nabila Mehzabin Mouly has a degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance, from Northwestern University, Khulna.  Throughout her academic tenure, Nabila demonstrated an unwavering commitment to both business and social causes. Her active involvement in the Northwestern University Business Club convened numerous business-related events. She also became involved in numerous social welfare and relief initiatives. Beyond the classroom, Nabila delved into the world of microfinance, creating a compelling short documentary and the lasting benefits of microfinancing on communities.

Covid-19 saw Nabila diving into the digital realm, acquiring valuable skills in digital marketing. Nabila joined Tech Junction, Jashore, where she assumed the role of a junior executive. Here, she efficiently managed general office documents, communicated with clients regarding ongoing projects, and sought new business opportunities through social media channels. She also interned within the banking sector – provided practical insights into the financial sector.

A passionate cook, Nabila has participated in numerous cooking competitions, showcasing her creativity in the kitchen. Her love for travel reflects an adventurous spirit, illustrating a well-rounded personality that extends beyond the confines of the corporate world.

Nabila Mehzabin Mouly joined the Blue Pie Records and Ordior content team bringing her multifaceted skills, ranging from business administration to digital marketingto the business and beyond.

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