India Team


Business Development Manager - India

Jennifer Pinto directs DJ Central TV’s expansion into Asia, influenced by an impressive career journey that has seen her working all over the world.

Jennifer was born in the UK and had the great fortune to travel extensively with her family. These experiences showed her the ways of the world at a very young age and exposed her to diverse musical traditions. She recently established her own record label in Goa called Rumion Records

Jennifer’s stage experience began at the age of 3 playing the maracas with her family in a Goan band at various festival’s and events. In 2000 she left India and went to the UK where she worked in the Finance Industry and was in charge of major client accounts, overseeing operations and setting up new office bases in England, Barcelona and Dubai.

After having seen the world and all it had to offer, Jennifer decided that it was Goa that held her heart and in 2004 she returned to establish her business network and base.

As Jennifer says:

“Most of my friends were either musicians or major venue owners or event organizers and it was through these connections and all my travelling experiences that I fell on my feet in the music industry. Working on events and developing new markets within the music / entertainment business is second nature to me. It all seemed to be one rather large dinner party and it was a case of me being the marriage broker and introducing people together. Music is my life and my drive, I love my job and am very passionate about all I do in my business life”.

Jennifer works with the board to expand the ASIA syndication footprint for the DJ Central TV show and brand. We look forward to continued success in ASIA under Jennifer’s watchful eye.

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