Black Dawn is coming to Brooklyn! See you THIS FRIDAY!
11 Jul 2022

This is the good word we just witnessed from Black Dawn: “Our next show is Friday July 15 at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn, with Anaka Metal, Ten Ton Mojo, Mockcharge, and DJ Alex Kayne! All ages. Doors open at 6:30. Black Dawn is on stage from 7:50 to 8:25. Use the code ‘black’ to get a discount on tickets by clicking here!”

Well, you heard them! You’d better be quick! July 15th is THIS WEEK!

Are we gonna see you there?! We certainly hope so! It’s the best plan for getting your ears blasted off by some of the best metal on the planet. First being featured on the Bullspike Radio show this week, then being added to the Bullspike hall of fame, now a Brooklyn show! What a busy week for Black Dawn it has been. If you wanna see our coverage of the Bullspike stuff, click here, otherwise, here’s the short version of the details via these Facebook posts!


All of this in just one week shows that Black Dawn is “No Bull” famous, and if you wanna see the reason why, we can’t think of a better way than attending the show this Friday! But if you’re still indecisive, you might be asking what sort of tracks can we expect them to play on the stage? Well why not have a browse of their catalogue and see for yourself? No better way than that to dip your toes in the water! We can only speculate what they’re gonna choose to perform, but we’re sure that it’ll sound crisp and rockin’, and hopefully expose the world to a band that we could all stand to hear more of! We all need a little more thrashing in our lives, and Black Dawn is the best course to achieve that!

We’re looking forward to all of this, and we’re keen to tune in and hear what Black Dawn opt to treat the world to! The lucky bastards out in Brooklyn are sure to have the time of their lives… well, what are you waiting for?! Go on and join them and use the links above to grab your tickets before it’s too late!

This week is just another chapter in the group’s success story. Despite the “Black Dawn” promised in their band’s moniker, seeing their star shine so bright is an absolute treat for us. Rock on, guys.

Check Black Dawn out for yourself:

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