LadyDice is gonna make May one awesome month!
07 May 2019

We’re not that far into May and already things look promising, musically speaking. Most of that is thanks to our very own LadyDice and the exciting prospects of two awesome tours from her in just a few short days! And to top it all off, both events take place on the same day! On the lucky day of Friday May 10th, LadyDice can be found down Colorado way, first for the LadyDice W/Big MIKE (208 MUSIC) event from 17:00-02:00 MDT, and then until 20:00 MDT she’ll be gracing the
LadyDice Meet & Greet Car Show! Both of these events take place at the Sportswatch Bar & Grill, 6801 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, Colorado 80221, and we’re sure she’ll love to see all you diehard fans there!

Ivan the Hittmann set up a pre-concert car show and would appreciate the lowrider scene’s support 😎😎. There is no entry fee for the car show! The Meet And Greet is all ages, and the lowrider show will be held from 5PM-8PM with $30 VIP, then the night will keep going with a 21+ show after 8PM with $20 presales!

For more info on the Big Mike event, click here!

For more info on the Meet & Greet, click here!

Weather promises to be mostly sunny so far so go check it out and meet one of the up and coming stars of our musical generation!

If you need to discover LadyDice for the first time, we got you covered.

LadyDice is a name that is becoming prominent in the hip hop scene. An inspirational presence, she first made a name for herself with the song Scars, which contained a message intended to save a life.

Since then, she’s progressively snowballed into higher and higher tiers of popularity, and her vocals are now going viral with her appearance in the Suga Boom Boom acapella in the Gypsy Tattoo Parlour!

LadyDice’s career is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down! To get acquainted with this standout personality, all you need to is watch this interview!

LadyDice Official Website:

LadyDice Beast Album Spotify:

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