Welcome to the Blue Pie charity section of our website. Blue Pie and our partner companies are proud to support the following charities. If you would like to know more about how Blue Pie and our partners and how we provide support for charity then please email:

Blue Pie Records is a doting and active supporter of the children’s charity ‘Variety.’ We raise money through out artists, and each month we receive their newsletter, featuring stories of how they have immensely improved the quality of life for families with children who need that little bit more love and care.

The latest E-Newsletter touched us, so we would love to share and spread the word of this amazing foundation that pour their time and hearts into helping kids with disabilities. Their ‘Story Of The Month’ reads:

“Cassadee was diagnosed with nocturnal epilepsy, which causes her to have up to eight seizures a week. Cassadee’s seizures, caused by lesions on her brain, began when she was just seven with each episode lasting anywhere from two to five minutes.

Kerry explains, “Cassadee slept in our room so we could watch her all the time. Even on nights when Cassadee didn’t have a seizure, our high level of anxiety meant that we never had a restful night’s sleep.

Variety recently funded an EpiSafe epilepsy device which enables monitoring for the presence of seizures and reduces the risk of Cassadee coming into harm from a prolonged seizure. Placed underneath the bed sheet, the wireless sensor detects movement at the onset of a seizure and sounds an alarm.

Kerry and Robert are hopeful that in the future, either an implant or surgery to remove the lesions will eliminate Cassadee’s epilepsy; however, in the interim, they are extremely grateful to Variety for providing the monitor which has restored their quality of life. “While we still haven’t felt comfortable having Cassadee sleep in a separate room, at least we now have the chance to rest easy,” said Kerry.”

The Variety Children’s Charity has offices around Australia, USA and Canada. Blue Pie Records encourages others to get on board for a good cause and make a donation at

We are extremely proud to receive yet another letter of thanks from David Small, CEO, Variety, the children’s charity.

We are glad to have made a difference to the lives of those children in need.

To Quote David Small – CEO ” I would like to extend our deep thanks to you and the teams at Blue Pie and the marketing team at Dealing With Destiny for the non stop support you have shown Variety. Your ongoing support in helping us to raise much needed funding for Australian children born with serious illness and disability. Without the kindness and generosity from companies such as Blue Pie and Dalifey Films, Variety – the Children’s Charity, would be unable to provide the special care we believe is not only valuable but vital for those children affected by illness or disability. So far we have been able to raise close to $10,000 from the raffle of the car ” Betsy” in the film and box office ticket sales that have been kindly donated and there is more to come from your marketing efforts with retailers like Coles and Woolworths and hopefully support from QANTAS and VIRGIN showing the film in their In-Flight systems. You have been very creative with this film and we look forward to working with you on any new film projects where you wish to donate proceeds to Variety. I would like to send special thanks to Paul and James Condoleon and Damien Reilly for jumping on board to help fund this cause and to get the business model over to us last year. I want everyone involved to know the disadvantaged children of Australia are incredibly grateful. Thankyou Damien, Paul and James and the teams at Blue Pie and Dalifey Films for your great work.”

For all the latest news on the film you can visit the films website at

You can click here to read the letter from David to the team at Blue Pie and Dalifey Films. Attachment : Letter-from-David-Small-to-Bluepie 05/03/2012.jpg

Blue Pie gets the thanks from our favourite charity for creating a new ‘ destiny ‘ for some underprivileged children.

We have been very touched by the thank you letter from Mr David Small – CEO of Variety, the children’s charity. Blue Pie has been working with Dalifey on the Dealing With Destiny film and the films premiere at the ‘ Fox Entertainment Corridor ‘ at Moore Park was on Monday night. We have a packed house and if you have the time you can check out the photos on the films and Blue Pie’s FaceBook pages.

Thanks from all of the team to the hard working people at Variety and now we are on the count down to the auction of some of the best and most exciting memorabilia we have been able to secure from our friends in high places and the car ‘ Betsy ‘ from the film.

For all the latest news on the film you can visit the films website at

You can click here to read the letter from David to the team at Blue Pie and Dalifey Films.

Attachment : Letter-from-David-Small-to-Bluepie.jpg

“Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeal:

Blue Pie was fortunate to be able to donate two items from our memorabilia collection to be auctioned by the Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeal and raise over $1100 to help the victims of the disaster. You can read the great note of thanks from Matt Farmer, Event Co-Ordinator.

“Hey Damien and the Blue Pie Team, thank you for your contributions to the “Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeals in January and March this year. These were local, grass roots initiatives from local surfing communities, musicians and pro surfers on the Northern beaches of Sydney which through the assistance of the Lions Club International, Quiksilver, engin and Surf Aid International raised over $15,000.00 from these events. The funds raised went to specific villages in the Mentawi and Tews islands who were largely missed by mainstream aid at the time of this horrendous disaster. These contributions were invaluable in saving lives through medical aid and support. Thank you for so much for your valued contribution.”

Matt Farmer,
Event Coordinator,
Groove Communications

We are now into our 7th year of sponsoring The Hawks Major League Baseball Team. The total sponsorship to date is now over $25,000. Magic Blue Creative and Blue Pie have provided the website, design, web radio and all hosting/email services for the Hawks MLB since 2003.

This is just one of the many ways that we help to give back to the community. As we grow we will continue to support community sports where possible. If you would like us to help your charity grow then email to find out more.

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