New Releases

DJ Centrals Records is proud to announce that our very own artist Mr Josh Young has yet again released a brand-new single to the world... more [ + ]

The one and only legend, MC Breed was born in Flint, Michigan and proudly the first commercially successful rapper to come out of the Midwest.... more [ + ]

Raz B is one of pop music's biggest stars. Formerly a part of the multi-platinum group B2K, Raz B's solo career is just getting bigger... more [ + ]

The pair have been going from strength to strength, churning out material after kicking down the door with their SUGA BOOM BOOM tour and subsequent... more [ + ]

JayEsGee is one very talked about, talented individual now under the watchful eye and mentoring of Raz B Mr B2K Mr Beatz. Discovered by Raz... more [ + ]

Isaac Roosevelt’s positive, contemporary soul has found a novel bedfellow in the house beats of club artist DjM. The match-up of these musicians, much loved... more [ + ]

“Sexy Dress” has been killing it ever since its release back in February of this year. Now the song has had a complete makeover and... more [ + ]

Macshawn100 is one of hip-hop’s finest and best-kept secrets. With some of the genres biggest names supporting him he continues to produce some killer tracks.... more [ + ]

Released on Hit City Digital Records and distributed by Blue Pie Records USA for the world Executive Produced by Henry Turner, Jr. for Hit City... more [ + ]

Raz B’s “America 2 China” (feat. Rick Ross) has already received tremendous success within the first month of its release. Within the first 10 days,... more [ + ]

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