Blue Pie Records New Releases

Sexy, sensual, and stimulating. With those adjectives, this latest track from Kay L featuring Stephen Voyce is definitely a Triple S project! The swaying beat... more [ + ]

It wasn't long ago that we raved about the remixes of Sahra's Fall that Key Loch brought to our ears. Sahra's melancholy vocals adapt to... more [ + ]

Not long ago, we were looking at a digital remaster of Oohlala's More Peace & Harmony. And now, we're coming to you with the sequel... more [ + ]

If you've been following the DL Down3r Official Fanpage we manage on Facebook, you might remember when DL Down3r shouted out Jack Parry and vice... more [ + ]

Oohlala, is that a brand new remix and remaster from producer Gabe Rizza of It sure is, and it's a familiar tune too - More... more [ + ]

The last time we wrote about Sahra and her excellent track Fall, it was when our very own Soularflair made some excellent and heartfelt music... more [ + ]

DL Down3r, AKA Mr Suga Boom Boom, continues his style of throwing down hard hitting bars that have something to say. Where an amateur rapper... more [ + ]

If you've been following the recent exploits of Dave Evans, then you'd know that he's been busy to say the very least! What with a... more [ + ]

"Dirty Anna" is a track that is entirely reflective of its creator, and the Key Loch/Gabe Rizza remixes are no exception. Erik Simins is one... more [ + ]

A gritty detective flick, featuring a killer who strikes out with insanity and tensions between the armies of the United States and Australia... that is... more [ + ]

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