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Recently, much to our pleasure, we were able to give an overview on just who Dave Evans is! One of AC/DC's founders and a true... more [ + ]

BlackFaceNaija has often had new fans discover him through his legendary African Queen track. It's quite possible that many readers reading this now will find... more [ + ]

We've been Styleh fans for what seems like forever. His hit track Eledami certainly did its job in hooking us on his elegant voice! Now... more [ + ]

Coming fresh off his "Say No" trilogy, Eedris has once again proven that he is a man of many thoughts, and that his interests are... more [ + ]

We warned you guys that Missy Crissy would be back! Ever since the new Passenger music video, we've been craving and looking forward to her... more [ + ]

There's something that's been said to death recently, true as it might be - and that's that 2020 is a true nightmare of a year.... more [ + ]

We're on a bit of a Lee Conway binge session lately, we have to confess. And really, why wouldn't we be? Any fan of classic... more [ + ]

Eedris blew us away in the recent past with his song that cut to the bone with its message - SAY NO. Now he's back,... more [ + ]

We've been loving some Lee Conway throwbacks! Australia's answer to Johnny Cash is one of the sweetest bites of the Sweet Peach catalogue, as we're... more [ + ]

Who's ready to get topical? Soularflair sure is. Just check out this wild music video! It's pretty clear what this is getting at. Is Soularflair... more [ + ]

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