Blue Pie Records New Releases

Another passionate Key Loch release has hit the internet! BABY features Sahra and Gabe Rizza, and you know with them involved, this track is gonna... more [ + ]

Just in time for the end-of-year summer, Australian indie band Key Loch have got some special surf rock sounds going on with this release. Synths... more [ + ]

Gustav Holst is famous for his Planets Suite, among many other wonderful compositions. Colloquially known as "The Planets", we now have a counterpart for them!... more [ + ]

The 80s synths kick off Wild Side and get you ready to start cruising along the highway or bouncing to the beat in the gym...... more [ + ]

Running Blue are a cult hit! Back when they released their last track, the remaster of Dream War Movies, it got some quick attention on... more [ + ]

Gabe Rizza is a name you may have heard before in previous stories of ours, most notably the many many remixes he's done for Key Loch... more [ + ]

Boogie Oogie Oogie was a monster hit back in the day in 1978 for A Taste of Honey. It topped the American pop, soul and... more [ + ]

The first international album from Lokust was teased and now it's finally here! The Sideshows Manuscript Lost Pages is global! This album features the recent... more [ + ]

Fans of Lokust Luciano may know his successful two part album, The Sideshows Manuscript. These are compilations that showcase the best that the Kingpin has... more [ + ]

Lokust Luciano and DL Down3r have become closer and closer as time has gone on, and to cement this, they're bringing us a hot new... more [ + ]

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