Blue Pie Records New Releases

We have a sneak video preview of a new master work from our very own Ray Vanderby! We've sung his praises plenty of times before,... more [ + ]

You might remember back in August, we teased that DL Down3r had a Christmas album in the works. Well deck the halls and slam the... more [ + ]

Last time we checked in on Running Blue, they were lighting up Spotify with two single remasters, Grey Day and Daniel! Now, today's track is... more [ + ]

Recently we covered some standout Key Loch remixes, lovingly crafted alongside their usual mix magician, Gabe Rizza! Last time, we looked at their remaster of... more [ + ]

The one and only Key Loch have been remixing like crazy lately, alongside their usual mix magician, Gabe Rizza! They've been giving fresh new takes... more [ + ]

Cammen's 2020 single known as 1988 featured sweet beats, killer sax, and emotional vocals. It's the last track of his that we checked out, and... more [ + ]

Lockdown was rough, but we're nearing the end of the year now, and it's almost time to relax. Last time lockdown was on, we provided... more [ + ]

Earlier this year, DL Down3r teamed up with Uno Tha Prodigy and brought us something really special - Road Ahead, which is an emotional piece... more [ + ]

Three Sixty was a true revolution for J. Young AKA JAY. Young. For the first time, all of his hits were conveniently gathered in one... more [ + ]

First came the remixes of Sahra's Fall that Key Loch brought to our ears. The duo of Key Loch and their main mixing man Gabe... more [ + ]

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