Blue Pie Records New Releases

Dale Nougher, the reigning maestro of down-tempo sounds, is back to grace our playlists once again. Following the resounding success of his extensive series of... more [ + ]

ViQQ has unleashed a fiery Dancehall Extravaganza with "Pon Tin": this new ten track album is a fusion of Afro-RnB Grooves that's unstoppable! In a... more [ + ]

In a soul-stirring return to the rock ballads of the '80s, the iconic throwback rock band Running Blue has just released their latest single, "Spend... more [ + ]

Crank up the cassette player because Running Blue just dropped a jazzy time-traveling sensation! Brace yourself for a musical journey back to the sizzling 80s... more [ + ]

Only the true golden oldies will remember when this released for the first time... and like so many things in today's world of quick and... more [ + ]

In the vast realm of music, where artists strive to make their mark, one name may yet rise above the rest—Dayvid Leone. With a relentless... more [ + ]

In a groundbreaking moment for the hip hop scene, the sensational artist Shivor has dropped a scorching new single titled "O That's It." With her... more [ + ]

Running Blue can't stop winning lately. In the ever-evolving music scene, this band has been making waves and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. We... more [ + ]

JIsland Records and Blue Pie Records have been teamed up for quite some time now, and when labels get together, one of the best ways... more [ + ]

In a celebration of the trailblazing musical legacy of Docteur Nico, one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's most influential musicians, the eagerly awaited... more [ + ]

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