New Releases

Remember our article on Bigg Cixx's "So High"? If not, that's fine. We can give you a little reminder with this article. But if you... more [ + ]

Ethereal. Mysterious. Emotional. Enchanting. These are all words that aptly describe this new masterpiece from Michelle Saunders. The tracks are heartfelt and moody, and incorporate... more [ + ]

A remaster and digital reissue of Seydina Insa Wade's classic album Xalima is now on Spotify! The album is a throwback to its original release... more [ + ]

There are certain songs that you can just feel the emotion. You can feel exactly what the song artist was going through as they wrote... more [ + ]

If you're ready for more chill urban tunes to cruise around to, Bigg Cixx has the market cornered lately! His latest banger, Real, features Danny Stunner... more [ + ]

Intense, fast-paced, hardcore shredding, with a powerful melodic guitar. It's a musical treasure that's hard to find nowadays... unless you know where to look. The... more [ + ]

Who's ready for a fresh sound that takes you back to the golden age of modern hip hop? We got you right here with Big... more [ + ]

I'm just gonna throw you right into this: Sorry for the cold opening, but this is the kind of track that's so mint it just... more [ + ]

Ready to spiff up your playlists? One House Music and Sound have teamed up with Blue Pie to deliver you just that. Spiffy is coming... more [ + ]

If you haven't heard of Soularflair AKA Adam Mannering, you might wanna get acquainted with the mad genius by clicking here! But just in case... more [ + ]

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