New Releases

As soon as ‘Passenger’ starts playing you’re lured in by a swinging saxophone that sets the suggestive mood for the rest of the track. Passenger... more [ + ]


Missy Crissy's first debut album ‘Miss Behavin’ is an eclectic electronic anthem and showcases the talent of this emerging, new artist. The Romanian born first... more [ + ]

‘Increase the Peace’ is the latest track to drop from African hip-hop artist John G. The song produces a heavy bass beat and is accompanied... more [ + ]

The iconic duo have collaborated again to produce their newest single ‘Throw it up’ which is dedicated to California. ‘Throw it up’ produces a smooth... more [ + ]

The moment ‘Switch’ starts playing you’ll be presented with undeniable energy. The tune has a fast, consistent beat supplemented with a rapid, lyrical potion representing... more [ + ]

‘Remember’ (Yori Yori Remix)’ ft. ‘Bracket’ is the latest track to emerge from the highly talented Nigerian artist ‘2Baba’, formally known as ‘2Face’. The track... more [ + ]

Raz-B ‘De’Mario Monte Thornton’ has had an extensive career over the last two decades, forming the group B2K as a teenager which generated the album... more [ + ]

‘Stuck In My Ways’ ft. ‘Jay Tablet’ and ‘Zyme’ is the latest track to drop from the talented rap artist DL Down3r. The chorus is... more [ + ]

DJ Centrals Records is proud to announce that our very own artist Mr Josh Young has yet again released a brand-new single to the world... more [ + ]

The one and only legend, MC Breed was born in Flint, Michigan and proudly the first commercially successful rapper to come out of the Midwest.... more [ + ]

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