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Missy Crissy

Missy Crissy is a Romanian recording artist. Her career started at a very young age being inspired by her mother who was a very famous singer in Rep. of Moldova, the place Missy Crissy was born.

Missy was introduced to this special world called “Music” when she could barely speak. The steps where obvious and soon she started to participate at every music contest. Her parents decided to move to Romania for better opportunities. Her first song ever recorded was with a hip hop artist and the experience was amazing.

At the age of 16 she started to work in the studio. There Missy met the guys that put her on the stage with a live band for the first time. Working at such a young age was a very good opportunity for her to discover herself as an artist and be discovered by others. With Missy’s next collaboration she recorded her 2nd track with a popular European hip hop band. The project stood by for quite a long time till she was discovered by a recording artist named Smiley who is also the owner of one of the biggest recording labels in Europe “HaHaHa Production”, and that’s when the things started to move fast.

Missy recorded her first single with HaHaHa Productions “Let your love out” and very soon after the video was released. The song was a massive success. In August 2011 Missy Crissy toured this track throughout Asia. Spotting talent, many brands jumped on board as sponsors including “Chivas Regal” which was a massive achievement for an emerging new artist. This lead to the Elle Fashion Show Magazine feature on her 2012. With a global fan base and brands now wanting to be part of the Missy brand success is assured.

As at March 2016, Missy has over 3 Million Youtube plays and growing, a global fan base that is constantly expanding. She is performing in Europe and China throughout 2016.

Fast forward to December 2015 and with the help of Raz B ( B2K ) Missy was spotted performing in Shanghai. A few quick calls from Raz B to the team at DJ Central Records in Hong Kong and Missy was signed to a world wide publishing and recording deal. Her 1st release is her self titled album ” MissyCrissy “.

As Damien Reilly, CEO of Blue Pie Records says:
“Missy is a rare talent and a vocalist that hits the note right in the middle. She has an incredible work ethic and success is now knocking on her door. We believe in her abilities not only as a vocalist but as an artist that can put on one hell of a show. Raz B has been with DJ Central scouting talent so the credit goes to Raz for finding Missy !”

Missy Crissy is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Missy Crissy is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

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