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Soularflair's Southpaw music videos are visual triumphs!
15 May 2020

Soularflair cooked up a new treatment on the music video for Southpaw’s “Coast to Coast” and “Head In A Box”, just like he did with Sam Pollard, Danny Vash, and Burning The Day!

Southpaw – Coast To Coast from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

Soularflair, aka Adam, is one of our prominent resident video artists, and this is plain to see. With this latest production, he has created a fitting tribute, much like the ones he has worked on previously!

And of course, Southpaw’s talents and contributions to this classic song itself can’t be understated, nor can the rest of their catalogue!

If you want direct links to the music videos, go wild!

Coast To Coast

Head In A Box

It would seem that these artists work from raw passion, and it’s always nice to see that passion used to re-energise works from the past! “Coast To Coast” and “Head In A Box” aren’t new songs by any means, and it’s been given the music video before on our Youtube channel, paying homage to some classic OZ Rock in our own way. But it’s equally as delightful to see this passion being turned toward the past, giving these songs a somewhat timeless quality! Such is the work of Soularflair – composer and master editor both.

Whether you’re here for Southpaw or for Soularflair, this collaboration is sure to scratch your itch.



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