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21K plays in just 4 days! Southpaw's Windmill Man is taking Facebook by storm!
07 Dec 2020

Previously, we’ve been examining the creative process behind Southpaw’s Self-Titled EP! But now it’s time for a new step into Southpaw stardom… with Windmill Man experiencing phenomenal hype in a very short amount of time! How short? Try over 14,000 plays in a week on Facebook, combining with other stats to result in a staggering 21K plays across all sites! Click here to check it out, or check out the old faithful in the form of Spotify below!

windmill man stats

Southpaw are a cult classic band, the kind that your friends might not have heard of, but who they’ll appreciate knowing about once you tell them! They’re firmly within the “hidden gem” category of music makers, and while that makes them and their work a little more special, it’s a shame that being somewhat “hidden” has to be part of the equation. That’s what we’re here for, though: we’re glad to spread their word far and wide!

After all, Southpaw have tens of thousands of fans the world over – the plays on their most popular Spotify tracks and music videos can attest to that, not to mention they’ve been establishing new territory into Facebook too, and like we said, that’s where the lion’s share of the views are! Click here to check out that side of things on our page!

Southpaw are a powerhouse of rock and pop that blend U2, Zeppelin and all things rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s into one music blender and then add the cool vocals of Robert Plant with an Island twist and you have Southpaw. Their sound is classic Oz rock from Australia. The Southpaw EP is a break through body of work which has led to a number of commercial placements in Film, TV and cable shows for the songs. Have a listen whenever you want to rock the car stereo at warp 10.

Or just catch Southpaw on their social media! Whichever you choose, we’ll see you next time – enjoy the completely free documentary. Popcorn not included!


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