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300K on the KC Suga Boom Boom and Soularflair flexes his magic! New music vids and releases!
18 Mar 2021

If you haven’t seen a music video or remix by Soularflair, strap in: this time he’s taken on 2020’s breakout hit, the remix of Suga Boom Boom by the Key Crashers!

You may recognise Soularflair from his eclectic music and his previous music videos for the likes of Danny Vash, Sahra, Chadwick, and Southpaw! He’s pretty hard to forget once you’ve first encountered him, and the same is true for the Key Crashers! Especially their amazing remix of Down3r’s Suga Boom Boom. Well as you can see from the video above, Soularflair has extended that same remix! Best of both worlds, right? And it’s a fitting time for this to come along too, considering that in November 2020 we were hoping and praying for it to hit 200K. So fast forward to now, late March 2021, and imagine our surprise and delight when we see it’s hit 300K! Perfect timing, Soularflair!

This EP has exactly what you need, no matter what kind of KC fan you are, or whether you’re just dipping your toes in for the first time. It’s short, but it’s also robust and packed with great beats, both extended and normal! And Soularflair is the perfect talent to hand this over to. His new release, Enemedia, is also a great example of his skills in this department!

These skills also pay the bills, especially considering his work typically gets thousands or tens of thousands of plays. And his music videos are also incredible, and REALLY turn heads! The KC duo along with Down3r and Soularflair make for a formidable quadruple threat, that’s for sure. Just look at this production quality and passion!

So until next time, keep booming out to Suga Boom Boom and Soularflair – hundreds of thousands of happy fans couldn’t be wrong!

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