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69.2 Hoe Day - the Bigg Track-By-Track review!
21 Jan 2020

A big 12 track album in the style of a radio blast is out now from Bigg Cixx!

The album includes some of Bigg Cixx’s older hits like Breakdance, as well as a skit or two, and even some remixes! We know that if this were a real radio station, that we’d tune in every day with this kind of quality content on offer. Can you imagine? Round the clock Cali G-Funk just like the old days? To be fair, you might not have to imagine. Bigg Cixx’s smooth bass flow is ready for you whenever you are, thanks to Spotify! If you want a 24/7 radio of the big man’s best tracks, you can totally do that!

But now let’s get to what you’ve really been waiting for. The nitty-gritty, in-depth, BIGG track-by-track review of 69.2 Hoe Day! Strap yourselves in, this album is something real special.

Track Listing

1. Intro

2. Last Night (feat. Jonny Az)

3. Bar Skit

4. Breakdance (feat. TM-Gotti)

5. Jump Inside (feat. Zig Zag, Paw McCoy & ArodzMusic)

6. They Don’t Know (feat. Merno D)

7. Paw Calls Cixx (Skit)

8. Lonely (feat. Paw McCoy)

9. Pay Me (feat. Benny Tesla)

10. What You Won’t Do (feat. Dreamxr)

11. Jump Inside (feat. Beer Bugg & Solja Sick) (Remix)

12. Flic My Bic (feat. Spezloaks)

Bigg Cixx – 69.2 Hoe Day: Track-By-Track Reviews
Kicking things off in a hilarious homage to the radio theme of the album, “Intro” is short and sweet, making sure to get you hyped with a short verse in the styles of 80s and 90s G-Funk… just as Bigg Cixx likes it! But you should already know that by now! It’s not the longest track ever, but it’s oh-so bangin’ and it’s the perfect start to the album! Not much more to say, given its brevity. Strong start.
Last Night (feat. Jonny Az)
Continuing the heavy bass and catchy beats of the G-Funk golden era revived, we have Last Night. This is a classic hood banger, great rhymes and an awesome beat with kickass instrumentals. Not to mention it’s as catchy as these kinds of slappers can get! It’s a classic kind of song, about getting wasted, told through heavy bars with an amazing bass that’s sure to be a treat coming out of your car speakers. Someone say bouncing low riders? Cali aesthetic forever strong!
Bar Skit
Coming directly off a song about getting wasted on booze, comes a skit track about needing to take a piss at a bar, but getting interrupted by an airhead. Absolutely hilarious stuff. But the question is… IS Bigg Cixx DJ Khaled? I mean, have we ever seen the two in the same room together…?
Breakdance (feat. TM-Gotti)
A returning favourite from Bigg Cixx’s recent single, “Breakdance” was so nice they had to play it twice! Of course when a track is this good, it has to feature on an album as well as just the single itself. TM-Gotti’s vocals and their hard-hitting percussive style helps the beat bang, and also complements Bigg Cixx’s flowing vocal style. We can definitely see some real break dancing going on to this track! Play it in a street dancing circle, see what happens. We bet something good. Catchy G-Funk like this usually leads to something good, after all.
Jump Inside (feat. Zig Zag, Paw McCoy & ArodzMusic)
Still tuned in? Well here’s a new debut track for 69.2 Hoe Day that is sure to make you vibe! Smooth, funky, and even sexy, this track brings together four amazing artists for a great payoff. The song’s about a whip that seats two, but how about these four? Four heads are better than none, and this is plain to see when each artist spits fire over this chill beat! They all get their chance to shine, and thank goodness for that – all these styles and talents blending together makes for an amazing collab track that’s sure to get stuck in your head… or perhaps jump inside your head.
They Don’t Know (feat. Merno D)
Here’s a distinctly 90s-sounding banger. And speaking of 90s, is that a sample from Ocarina Of Time? Throwback, man. This track really shows off the best parts of Bigg Cixx’s flow, his syllables fitting on each beat perfectly. Rap vocals are the best when they become three things at once – vocals, percussion, and instrument. And Bigg Cixx’s flow does just that here, with Merno D putting in amazing work with his catchy singing during the great hook!
Paw Calls Cixx (Skit)
The final skit of the album has Paw McCoy of “Jump Inside” calling Bigg Cixx about being lonely and stoned. We’ve all had that one homie call us when they’re high or drunk and life’s getting to them. Mostly at 3 AM, but hey, it happens. It’s relatable comedy, and acts mainly as a transitional pivot between “They Don’t Know”, and the next song, “Lonely”.
Lonely (feat. Paw McCoy)
Now we’re getting into the real meat of the album, and it transitions well off the previous skit about Paw being lonely. After all, that’s the title of this track! The melancholy synths at the start are supported by the same catchy heavy bass. This might be a bit of a sad song, but it’s still funky and awesome as ever. Trust nobody – everyone got the potential to be fake, to be a snake. That’s what this song is saying. The hook from “Moonrocks” (a previous song from Bigg Cixx, Young Quicks, and DL Down3r himself) sneaks its way in too, and adds to the catchiness of the whole thing. Sick bars and real talk are what you’ll find in this chill beat.
Pay Me (feat. Benny Tesla)
Moody piano and catchy heavy bass are the perfect way to start off a hardcore chill song. And “hardcore chill” is exactly what we got here! Perfect for cruising in the neighbourhood, this track has got a smooth kinda vibe to it, but the lyrics also have bite to them. Bringing it home is the typical catchy beat that you can nod your head to, and the smooth fast flow of Benny Tesla, to make this a unique track you’re certain to love!
What You Won’t Do (feat. Dreamxr)
Who likes some tough talk? Everyone when it’s put in music this good. Good old flexing like this don’t come often without it being done poorly and overcompensating, but this is one of the rare cases where it hits hard and not a word of it is wasted. Everything from Dreamxr’s amazing Spanish rapping and quick flow to the chill beat, to the devastating harshness in the lyrics, it’s the perfect flex song. Because really, you could talk about all the ways you could mess up Bigg Cixx and his crew. But everyone knows you’re gonna do none of that, so sit down. Just chill to the blappers.
Jump Inside (feat. Beer Bugg & Solja Sick) (Remix)
Did you like “Jump Inside”? What if it was more old skool? That’s what this remix promises! Same great stuff from the original, but more cruisy. The sweet vocal filters and classic stings of the golden age come through and support the same lyrics and performances of the original in a fresh, chill new way! Same song, different feeling and mood. After all, isn’t that what a remix should be? This has a heavy chance to be better than the original due to just how slick and smooth it is… what do you think?
Flic My Bic (feat. Spezloaks)
Let’s close out the album with one of the chillest, catchiest tracks on the album! After yet another callback to “Moonrocks”, the track kicks into full gear! Spezloaks and Bigg Cixx and handing out L’s as they light up. Maybe the hot box is so hot because of all this fire from their music! And then a callback to “Smoke The Best”. Really it’s the perfect song to end the album to, it’s like a celebration of everything Bigg Cixx, as well as his crew in general. Don’t take an L, be sure to save the best til last and leave this one until you’ve listened to the other 11!
This album is a throwback to the golden era of West Coast hip hop and G Funk. Harking back to the likes of Dr. Dre and other huge names in the classic industry, Bigg Cixx and his crew give the distinctive sound a modern twist. Of course, Bigg Cixx is very familiar with this sound from his previous works, just look at any of them on his Spotify to see what we mean! But this is a natural progression for it, a maturation of the style. Him and his crew really come into their own with this album, and on top of everything, the skits are also hilarious. The production value is astounding, and for such an up-and-coming artist like Bigg Cixx, not to mention the rest of his crew, this effort is noteworthy and serves to make 69.2 Hoe Day all the better for it! This is a quintessential hip hop album that’s flying under the radar, and whether you’re a fan of modern styles or the classic G Funk hits of prior decades, this album isn’t one that you can afford to miss. If you like artists like any of these…
  • Dr. Dre
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Nate Dogg
  • Ice Cube
  • Eazy-E
  • DL Down3r
  • Spez Loaks
  • Beer Bugg
  • Dreamxr
  • Solja Sick
  • Paw McCoy
  • Benny Tesla
  • Merno D
  • ArodzMusic
  • Jonny AZ
  • TM-Gotti

…then you’re bound to fall in love with 69.2 Hoe Day and its cheeky sense of humour, and great sense of funk. We love it whenever Bigg Cixx has another slapper to drop, and this time, he gave us 12. Great value! Get it while it’s as hot as a Cali summer!

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