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Big Band Bops vols 1-15! Blue Pie Owned Masters catalogue has something you can kick it to!
20 May 2021

We have some more compilations for you to dive into! Lately, the compilation albums we’ve been talking about have been EDM or Hip Hop related, but this time we’re gonna get a bit more classic! We have some big band classics from the likes of Don Costa’s Free Loaders, Vikki Carr, and the Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band, plus many more! 15 volumes of that crisp big band sound that’ll get you up and off your feet, dancing like it’s 1940! Here’s just a few samples of the 15 volumes! You can find them all on all major online retailers and streaming services.

Straight from our Blue Pie Owned Masters catalogue, this killer ensemble of expert brass, slamming drums and funky bass is everything you could want out of the jazzy yesteryears. Whether this sound is nostalgic to you or you’re uncovering musical heritage and exploring new horizons, the Big Band Bops series promises quality tracks that’ll take you back to the past. These smooth covers really help the albums to pop as well, thanks to Blue Pie’s fabulous in-house design team! The albums are turning heads and adding a lot of plays to our back catalogue, helping accelerate our numbers and keeping the good times rolling for all of us.

Whether it’s for the first time or the millionth that you’ve experienced this excellent genre, you’ll be welcome back in these simpler times with this vintage style of sound that’s so sorely missing from mainstream popularity nowadays – but albums like this and fans like you can always look back at these compilations to keep the style alive, as it deserves to be!

We’ve done many a compilation in the past too, whether it be our own Hip Hop catalogue or a joint EDM effort with EdiNet, but these pristine old school collections are sure to stand out and make you smile like none other before.

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