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Continuing the buzz of Pride 2020 with some more Pride Music!
25 Jun 2020

It’s still Pride month for a few days yet, so we’re gonna strike while the iron is hot with this good news! Last time, we celebrated the LGBTQ+ community by launching a brand new website for the record label PRIDE MUSIC. Now, fans of Wanda Dee, The Olivia Project, Coming Out Crew, and many others, can find all their favourite tracks and vids all in one place!

But the party can’t possibly end with just that! So here’s a brand new list of releases that we’ve just launched, and these titles will be sure to hit real different for the last pride party that we KNOW you had scheduled for the 30th of June!

Coming Out Crew | Free Gay & Happy:

Jamie Watson | Hold Me Now

Maxine | Lost In Music

The Buzz Club | Feels Like Love

But if you think that’s all there is, you’re drastically mistaken! Here’s some more of our favourites!

All sorts of great EDM here, and if you dig deeper you can find even more! Hits like Wanda Dee and the KLF wait for nobody, so be sure to jump right in! We have the best of pride on offer, and now’s the best time to play it! Head to for more!

Check out more Pride Music at these links:

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