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Down3r's going off across the board! Millions upon millions of plays on all platforms!
25 Mar 2021

Down3r’s been seeing some big movements in his fanbase lately! With well over 26 million (almost 27 million now!) plays on Suga Boom Boom on Spotify, 4.1 million plays on the famous Gypsy tattoo parlour video on Facebook, 3.9 million plays on the same video on Youtube, and a whopping 30 million plays on the lyrics video on Youtube, this song is wild and Down3r’s seeing stars!

Due to the restrictions surrounding Facebook embed policies, we’re just going to casually drop the link to the Gypsy Tattoo video on our old Facebook here. Click away to watch it!

Recently, Down3r congratulated our Latin American social media team and gave them a shoutout for all the amazing work they do. But we think it’s now time to return the favour! Congratulations to DL Down3r for these amazing Suga Boom Boom milestones. Your most beloved song is appreciated around the world, including in our offices, and this is just another sign of the multi-million numbered impact that it’s had across the globe! You can hear Suga Boom Boom online, in radio stations, through lovingly crafted remixes, and as seen in the Gypsy Tattoo video, you could even see it performed in public! Now that Covid vaccines are rolling out, perhaps that occasion will come again… but until then, we’ll be adding to these playcounts every day, blasting Suga Boom Boom and the rest of Down3r’s incredible music loud and proud!

(And speaking of this video, this is a remix by DL and LadyDice and it too is seeing success! 2 million plays only a couple months after it dropped, not too shabby, not too shabby at all!)

So with that said, what are we waiting for? Let’s celebrate this with some bangers!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

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