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Everyone needs some kindness! Oohlala's Kindness Of Strangers growing on Spotify!
11 Feb 2022

You may remember Kindness Of Strangers, the hit track from Oohlala that Key Loch remastered along with Gabe Rizza!

With a title lovingly borrowed from Tennessee Williams’ classic A Streetcar Named Desire, you can hear some of the melancholy of the original work in this track. Except perhaps we would hope that Oohlala doesn’t receive the malevolent “kindness” from DuBois’ tragedy! This track was originally from Peace And Harmony, and was remastered via More Peace & Harmony. More Peace & Harmony is a remaster of a classic rock album which we’ve discussed before in the New Releases section of the site! From producer Gabe Rizza of, this is an awesome throwback album, mastered in the most pristine quality imaginable.

Since this remastering, Kindness Of Strangers has taken on new life when it was used for the promo team’s Sync Concepts on Planet Blue Pictures’ Youtube!

Well, whether it was the remaster, the featuring in various new media avenues or just plain hardcore fans remembering the golden days, Kindness Of Strangers has risen to a whole new level of stardom – it’s now number one on Oohlala’s Spotify, sitting at 322,737 plays at the time of writing! Specifically the remastered version, this song only got put online recently, and it’s made waves very quickly indeed.

Being the most popular track on Spotify of an already popular cult hit is nothing to sneeze at. You could say those new fans who were introduced to this track via Spotify’s algorithms and the track’s representation in the public eye are really showing some Kindness, even as Strangers. That’s what sweet music does to people after all! We’re glad that the promo team made the right choice with these Sync Concepts, and that the reproduction team made the right choice in remastering this hit. We may have a new standard for Oohlala’s trademark song! When someone asks who they are, you know what to do – play Kindness Of Strangers loud and proud!

But in case you needed a more in-depth explanation, the Sydney band Oohlala formed in early 2005, after bonding on blues and brandy, funk and wine, jamming and gin. Collectively dedicated to their rock’n’roll roots, Oohlala have maintained a steady and regular presence on the live circuit as they strive to deliver their rock ‘n’ roll sermons to all and sundry. Managed by Michael Browning and Sam Righi, this power house team or rock catapulted the band into high rotation on selected FM stations in Australia. “Peace And Harmony”, the album Kindness Of Strangers is from, is the culmination of their many years of experience, and will have you nodding your head!

The album so nice that we raved on it twice, More Peace & Harmony is  the definitive version of the original composition, and is worth talking about from a renewed perspective too! The chorus of rock instruments and awesome musical aesthetics offers something for everyone, no matter what your taste in rock is. From the acoustic guitars and passionate vocals featured in “Love Will Be” to the sombre tones of “Sweet Something” or “Peace And Harmony” is the ultimate mellow rock album that every inner-city lounge room needs! If you’re after smooth, chill rock and roll in particular, this is the best place to get it! But this killer album isn’t just what you’ve heard before of course – it’s all redone expertly by Gabe. It’s crisper than ever before, and more importantly, it’s available on Spotify and all other major online streaming services and retailers. That’s right, you no longer need the physical copy to jam out to this – no collector’s barriers to entry any more! Plus, just compare the two versions – the quality is night and day, even though the original was only made a few years ago in the grand scheme of things. The rapid march of technology is an exciting thing in the music industry, and this level of progression is a clear example of why!

Never mind the ongoing debates about digital piracy and the future of music, the four lads of Oohlala intend to fully uphold the true virtues of rock’n’roll… fun, loose and loud and a sound sympathetic to all beating hearts and dreaming minds. There’s plenty of it, across both of their Spotify profiles, as well as across all other major online streaming services and retailers. And with this excellent remaster in our arsenal, along with more remasters to come, there’s only one thing left to say: Let there be rock… AGAIN!

Oohlala are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)



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