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Kay L's lyrics inspire over 1 MILLION listeners!
12 Jun 2019

The multi-award nominee artist that we know and love as Kay L is best known for his lyrical contribution of DJ Kav’s song “Raindrops”. In just a few short months, this particular track has doubled in plays on Spotify, easily exceeding ONE MILLION! Not surprising given the quality we’ve come to expect from Kay L, yet it is very welcome news!

The song starts off tender and slow, then as soon as the beat drops you’ll find yourself nodding your head or bobbing back and forth in your chair! DJ Kav, Kay L, and Voyce all knew what they were doing when they came together to make this profound, emotional, and catchy track that covers a very hard issue to speak about. The trio truly produced something to make the city of Calgary proud. After all, even discounting the emotional side of the song, the playcount on Spotify is ridiculous- 1,098,121 plays- and the 49,515 views on the Youtube video are nothing to sneeze at either!

It’s certainly a song to stir your emotions. And Kay L himself was recently interviewed about his life and personal preferences in the wake of this song’s success- everyone wanted the goss on the up and coming celebrity and his crew!

And why wouldn’t they? Kay L has received and been nominated for multiple awards as we stated above, but his work is also fantastic. Nobody can forget Love From Me, after all!

Bobby Soul, Bobby Blastem, and Kay L all did a fantastic job pooling their efforts and talents towards this payoff, and it certainly shows. We’ve gushed about that track in the past, but we just can’t help but do it again!

Before The Money with Stephen Voyce and Bobby Blastem is also a fantastic addition to Kay L’s ever-expanding library. It’s a real take on things and is great to listen to, to boot.

Yes, we love Kay L and his friends, and the entire world seems to love them too, for a good host of reasons! So don’t be shy- plunge in and discover more of Kay L through his social media!





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