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Lemme just DOUBLE the plays on "Wish They Would" real quick...
24 Oct 2019

wish they would 60kYeah, it’s that time again. From 30k to 60k!

You all remember this banger, right? We reported on its new release not long ago, and since then, some fun stuff has happened! Such as it reaching over 60k views! Man, Kay L must be happy. I wonder how much it’s grown since he posted ab-


WELL THEN. This was going to be a story about plays being doubled, but it seems that in just a few days since its draft, the plays have TRIPLED! We’re almost at 100K on this video! That’s insane, it’s going viral for sure!

The Spotify edition needs a bit of love though, fam. It’s pretty sick to see Kay L and Bobby Blastem breaking it down while listening to this new stellar hit, but the Spotify is there for whenever you need music on the go! Someone say hip hop road trip?! Spotify is perfect for it! And it’s a crying shame that the Spotify edition isn’t getting the same amount of love as the music video…

And of course, this track may just be the perfect fit for you and your tastes! The heavy beats, the unabashed lyrics and sick clout that this song exudes are all a complete package of sweet sweet street cred, and make for some of the best music that the duo have ever produced. The kickass duo of Kay L and Bobby Blastem are here to deliver, and then some. They’ve proven themselves a fearsome duo in the past, able to crank out some of the best music this scene has ever witnessed. But this time, they’ve struck gold for sure. We TOLD you that you didn’t have much time to listen to it before it exploded in popularity! Now you can no longer claim those sweet bragging rights. “I was one of the first people to hear one of Kay L and Bobby Blastem’s greatest hits!” That is, unless you heard it last time we posted about it…? In which case, you’re very welcome. Such an amazing song deserves to be shared far and wide!

With that sentiment in mind… let’s share the hell out of this. Can it make 100k within the end of the week?! We’ll soon find out…

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE:

Speaking of Facebook, check out this teaser from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!

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