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Kay L and Bobby Blastem release provocative single- "Wish They Would"!
7 / 09 / 2019

Who’s ready for a hype up track in line with classic hip hop that we haven’t heard for decades? Wish they would drop a banger that pumps you up while still being chill enough that you can nod your head to the beat? The kickass duo of Kay L and Bobby Blastem are here to deliver, and then some.  If you ain’t already playing the slapper in the video above, now’s your chance to start the rest of your hip hop life! Or if pure audio is more your thing, try it out here:

The multi-award winning Kay L does it again! He and Bobby Blastem have proven themselves a fearsome duo in the past, able to crank out some of the best music this scene has ever witnessed. But this time, they’ve struck gold for sure. The heavy beats, the unabashed lyrics and sick clout that this song exudes are all a complete package of sweet sweet street cred, and make for some of the best music that the duo have ever produced.

What next for Kay L and crew? Well, time will tell just how successful this hit on the making is gonna be of course, but in the meantime, Friday the 13th September at Sub Rosa is looking pretty lit, if you catch my drift…

And so is September 21st at The Big Four Building…

And you didn’t hear this from us, but say that some awesome event was gonna go down with Kay L himself… when getting tickets, one might be able to use the code KAYL to save themselves some dough. But that’s just what we heard.

(See you there!)

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE:

Speaking of Facebook, check out this teaser from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!

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