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Meet Ayo Jezreel - the father's legacy carried by the son
14 Nov 2019

Ayo Jezreel is the son of the legendary OJB Jezreel, an artist who is sadly missed for his influence on young kids, up-and-coming artists, and music lovers of all shapes and sizes. This legacy is held intact by Nedjon Instrumental, as they will be bringing his estate to our label. But a more vibrant reincarnation of OJB Jezreel’s work is in that of his son’s. Ayo Jezreel is an up and coming gospel star who carries the torch his father left him with pride.

His father truly was one of Nigeria’s greatest worshippers, and pulled in a crowd to match this reputation every time! Ayo Jezreel continues this legacy today, and is widely celebrated across Africa!

A religious father and son pair like OJB and Ayo would probably appreciate the legacy left behind and carried on into the future, as the past debatably lives on in more ways than one – OJB lives on strongly through his memorable tracks. As newer, younger musicians sample him, he will never truly die. And Ayo Jezreel carries on the journey that his father started, not only living up to the old days, but carving a new legacy for himself, as is the tradition of such things. The past may be gone, and only echoes of it remain, but they herald a bright, new, and different future! This is why we celebrate Ayo Jezreel’s music – the new stage of inspiration from this legacy. Next time you listen to one of his tracks, remember that. And remember the meaning of the love left behind in this legacy.

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