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Meet Marco Esu!
11 Jun 2019

Shh. You hear that? That beautiful sound of guitars, that resonating twang carrying over the horizon? It could only be one guitar master. Marco Esu himself.

Marco Esu was born in San Gavino Monreale (a small town in Sardinia) on 16 December 1973. Showing interest in figurative arts, Marco took his first steps towards music when he was just 8 years old. Thanks to his sisters who were studying piano, Marco began to take an interest in music and earned his first tunes with their guidance.

Marco’s interest in the art of guitar grew when he was about fifteen years old, where he created melodies with his own distinctive style, making his him the crème de la crème among his peers. Self-taught with influences from a wide range of musical styles, including jazz, he grew to love improvisation, which often makes an impromptu appearance in his concerts.

When he was sixteen, Marco began to play in bands, moving from one genre to another. This experience enabled him to learn more and more styles of music and taught him to appreciate the pleasure of performing for an audience.

In 1994 Marco won a regional competition for electric guitars (solo 6 corde) by presenting improvised tunes for the guitar and a beautiful composition by guitarist Joe Satriani (Midnight).

Marco performed with groups like Slamina and Wizard but it was Axioma that had considerable success with the public and recognition from the media. Axioma’s musical genre was barely acceptable in Sardinia and was practically censored due to the band’s “Rock” style.

Marco took up his solo career again in 1996, collaborating with his friend, Simone Uteri, a singer and songwriter. Together, they sang in various venues and musical festivals and they were known for artistic musical achievements and poetic work.

Marco and Simone then formed another band, which they called S.A.A.S.D.N.A., which specialised in experimental music. At the same time, Marco decided to also at the Sant’Anna Arresi International Jazz Festival, one of the most important jazz events in Sardinia. This opportunity started a mutual respectable relationship with fashion designer, Zigno, where Marco was able to perform his compositions live on television and in many other fashion parades with Sardinian designers of haute couture.

Just have a listen to some of the best hits that he has to offer from this wealth of experience! Here’s U.S.E Angiola!

You can feel the warmth of the Italian breeze wash over you as you play these soothing tracks. Whether the guitars be electric or acoustic, Marco is able to master them to conjure the comfortable, hospitable mood that he wants with the tools at his disposal. And this isn’t unique to just this album. Take a look at Over The Classical Land!

The mystical guitar sounds almost like what you might hear being strummed on a lute in a tavern of a fantasy world of knights and dragons. You can picture the composer getting lost in this just as easily as the listener does. But why picture it when you can simply witness it happening before your eyes? Here’s a video of Marco improvising and playing his heart out!

Marco has also been quite the asset to Blue Pie over the 15 years he’s been with us- since 2004! He brought us in contact with Ivana Maria Vidovic and Solene Getenet, two incredible pianists who have been absolute game changers for us and the music world at large. Just have a listen to their work! Here’s something special- Piano by Ivana Maria Vidovic!

We’ve spoken at length about Ivana’s work for the magical qualities it holds, and we would not have even been put into direct contact with them had it not been for Marco! But let’s not forget something equally as magnificent- Piano by Solene Getenet!

Truly wonderful stuff- so wonderful that we spoke about her at length here too! As you can see from the publishing dates, this merry group has been going strong back in the day AND in modern times. Their work is available on all major retailing sites, and they’re a selection of artists that we’re truly happy to have on board. The quality of their work speaks for itself! And it also speaks towards Marco’s impeccable sense of taste, which in turn can be recognised in his own music. We love all the work he’s done for his own music and for the sake of the company and other artists that he knows and loves, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board!

Marco Esu is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

To find out more about Marco Esu check out his social media and websites!



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