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New releases from Rabbit on the way! Dave Evans and Mark Tinson are back!
07 Feb 2023

Dave Evans is still the hardest working man in rock. One of the original AC/DC lineup and member of thoroughly wild Aus Rock band Rabbit, Dave is known by every golden oldie rocker in Australia. Nowadays, he’s known across all of Latin America, given the extensive tours he’s doing over there. And they aren’t slowing down by any means… check it out! If you thought 2022 was crazy for Dave, you haven’t seen anything yet…

But tours aren’t the only thing on this old boy’s mind – RABBIT is BACK! Fans of Dave Evans and Mark Tinson are sure to be thrilled as we announce WE’RE GONNA BE RELEASING A NEW RABBIT TRACK SOON! Get ready to get wild like the classic rockers all over again, very soon!

But what’ll hold you guys over until then? Perhaps organising your February plans? Dave Evans is gonna be rocking the house down on the 24th, so be sure to have your schedule cleared for this:

That’s right, an acoustic show, full of Akka Dakka trivia from the man himself to boot! And plenty more things to get excited about too. Check it out and we’ll see you then!

But, as hype as Dave’s plans for the near future are set to be, we still have a big soft spot for our personal favourite work of Dave’s, that being Sinner, so we’re keen to recommend that as ever. Who knows – maybe his shows are gonna keep getting better to the point that they eclipse all else in the rock world! We’ll just have to eagerly wait and see… Maybe the Sinner shirt in our wardrobe will have even more company soon! We got high hopes!

We hope that if you didn’t know Dave Evans and his rockin’ legacy before, this will help you get in touch with your long wild hair and 80s attitude once again – some merch could help with that! Show off your style and make the world remember what a real rocker looks like. For more information on the hardest working man in rock, you can visit his official links below. Dave Evans is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published for selected titles by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Dave Evans:

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