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Planet Blue Pictures have even more pitch commercials!
01 Aug 2022

The Sync Creative Team are hot in pursuit of the newest pitches that will capture your attention. By the looks of the latest uploads on the Planet Blue Pictures Youtube channel, they’ve got some spicy creations to achieve that end! Without further ado, here’s all the latest sync pitches, this time with a heavy focus on Key Loch!

These guerilla style commercials slice up footage and pair it with our music to pitch it overseas, and they’ve been working so far! Avery, Liam and Anthony have all been doing amazing work with these, and they’re currently being promoted by social media team around world. Best of all, there’s plenty more to come yet! We’re casting a wide net, and the aim is to pair footage with music on our catalogue that fits the mood or story in the source material. You’ll get the idea of what these are and what they’re for, once you watch them.

We’re hoping these vids will turn some heads if some company reps happen to see them… or even anyone looking for sync pitches for their product, whatever it may be! We have way more than these available on the Planet Blue Pictures youtube channel too. So if you’re an interested party, check them out and see if you vibe with them, maybe we can work something out and get the ball rolling!

With all this music being utilised, a proper plan is required for the management of artist copyrights. Every single artist and track featured requires its own attention paid to it, and that’s where Planet Blue’s partners at Ordior come in. Blue Pie and Planet Blue Pictures crank out the awesome videos, then Ordior step in to make sure that the rights management side of things is handled appropriately, and that the artists all get the royalties they deserve for their content being used. It’s a collaborative effort, between artist and label, between label and management company, between visual editor and musical composer – all of which is monumentally important when concerning other company’s names in our videos. We’re ready to rise to the challenge just as our colleagues have before us, and will follow the example that the PBP Creative Team and License Team have set for us! And with Key Loch in the spotlight like this, the mood and setting are critical considerations for these flavourful creations.

These works put us very much in mind of the “Mashup” series of videos we’ve seen before on the Blue Pie Youtube channel. And that’s for a good reason: these videos were all spearheaded on a creative front by Key Loch’s very own Avery May Parker, in combination with the Blue Pie Latin American team!

In fact, Avery has been coming into her own in general lately! She’s not only a passionate vocalist, as seen in the highly successful Key Loch songs she’s helped create, but is also one for visual media talent, as was detailed in the Blue Pie holiday story for 2021! We’ve taken her on full-time to create the series that we call “Mashups”, and as you can see from the results on our partner channel of Planet Blue, the videos and their quality speak for themselves. We can also expect plenty more sweet vids in the future, on specific topics, Sync Concepts, and artists in general!

We’d like to thank Avery for her ongoing efforts in this department. When she isn’t making these excellent videos with the Latam team, she’s rocking out as the lead vocalist for some of Key Loch’s most iconic hits! Key Loch are Damien Reilly and Justin Gross. They are the founders of the 90’s power Aussie Rock Band Southpaw They bring together a production history between them of 50 years of song writing and playing live music in Australia, and Gabe Rizza also has an equally impressive amount of experience with music mixing and management, and has proven time and again that he is an asset to the duo. Plus, Avery May Parker’s vocals and lyrical artistry are one of the key ingredients that give the band the unique identity that they have. Just listen to these hits and try NOT to feel something! The passion in every song will prove quite the adversary to that end…

The future is bright and Key Loch are wearing shades as they unlock the musical doors of your mind and fill it full of awesome music. This is the beginning of something amazing and the world can never have enough of GREAT tunes – and Ordior is here to make sure of that alongside Planet Blue Pictures and Blue Pie Records!

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