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Wishing the world a pleasant holiday - Blue Pie reflects on 2021
16 Dec 2021

Another year has gone by. It doesn’t seem as though it’s been that long since the last one. We’ve seen all kinds of events happen to the world at large during 2021, some better, some worse, but as far as our little corner in the Blue Pie offices goes, we’ve been very happy with the strides we’ve taken along with our artists. We’d like to go on a retrospective journey with you, our readers, and check out some of the dope highlights from this year!

But where to start?

  • Indeed, Suga Boom Boom has defied gravity this year, with yet more amazing remixes.
  • Much like the iconic Key Crashers remixes of years passed, the stand-out re-imagining of the classic track came from Jack Parry this time, which added another element that isn’t typically seen in remixes and covers of this track that tend to take it in a new direction: it remains relaxing.
  • This identity of the track synergised well with the original, for while it was melancholy, it also had a bit of zing to it. And people took notice, as the remix has over 50k on Spotify at the time of writing!

  • Speaking of artists that we know and love, J.Young also upgraded a track from his Three Sixty album to a standalone single – that, of course, was the one and only Cadillac!

  • The sexy and sunny lyrics are perfect for playing while you cruise around in your ride, whether it be a Cadillac or not… although having a convertible roof would definitely help, as this is a “wind in your hair” kind of vibe.
  • It’s a classy song, well worthy of being made into a single, and is as chill as an air con on a summer day.
  • And in more recent news, Blue Pie has also teamed up with another label… The Music Factory! We’ve been remastering and distributing Christmas classics for the first time online!

  • The Music Factory has a huge catalogue that doesn’t only consist of Christmas tunes, and we are honoured to be able to digitally remaster/restore it and distribute it online through various retailers and streaming services such as Spotify.
  • These much-loved hits sound better than ever after the remastering. And the world is taking notice!
  • At the top of the Christmas charts is this particular album from the Christchurch Citadel Salvation Army Band: “Christmas Brass – 20 Favourite Brass Band Carols”! Jingle Bells and several other classic tracks are really doing numbers on Spotify in particular, and the online world is rediscovering the classic Christmas hits that many readers would have grown up with!

Of course, that’s not all, but we can’t reminisce all day. You can see for yourself just what we’ve all been up to by perusing the News List on the site, but in the meantime, we wish you all a happy holidays, and we’ll see you with more news in 2022! We can’t wait to see what new milestones we’ll see next year. There’s a lot to look forward to, including Sam Pollard’s documentary in cinemas across the USA, and then later on streaming services across the web, so starting the new year will be the best present we could ask for. Here’s to everyone who helped us all get to this point – let’s see how much higher we can go!

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