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Remembering Danny Vash, a rocker legend
12 Mar 2021

Last time we covered Danny Vash, we were mourning his passing and reflecting on his amazing music. Now time has passed, the dust has settled, and today we take the time to consider his musical legacy further. As far as rockstars go, Danny was a standout success. With Danny Saber at his side, they cooked up some excellent music, and whether these are classic tracks you play often, or if you’re hearing them for the first time, we can probably agree that this is quality music. Especially when Soularflair’s music videos!

Hard Life is also quite an iconic track for Danny, and really sums up his character, musical aesthetic, and life experience. He’s a quintessential rocker, but sometimes we’ve wondered just how he did it. Luckily for us, Danny Vash and Danny Saber were true legends, and they let us have a peek inside Studio Steakhouse and have shown us a few snippets of how it’s done!

And who could forget this incredible Blue Pie interview of Danny Vash at Studio City?

These little windows into the life of musical superstars is quite the privilege to experience. It’s not often that we get to see it, but you love to see it when it happens! Especially with awesome rock thrash tracks and sweet cinematic tracks under the belts of the two Dannys. And it takes on a whole new light when it’s posthumous. We miss Danny, of course, and with this yearning to hear a new album from him that will sadly never come, it’s nice to take a journey through his classics. They are evergreen, timeless, and absolutely poignant in their current context.

Danny Vash managed to capture the hardcore energy of the great classic rock bands like AC/DC and Judas Priest, and his skill really shows. We at Blue Pie extend our heartfelt thoughts to Deb Vash in the wake of Danny’s passing, and we will always love Danny’s incredible music. Rock on, Danny. And thank you, reader, for coming with us on this journey looking back on the glory days.

Check out Danny Vash’s links to support him even in death – we’ll be holding an online watch over his content, blasting his amazing guitar ’til the end of our days. May he rest in peace.

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