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Rest In Peace to Olivia Newton-John.
09 Aug 2022

Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with cancer at age 44, and it was expected that she wouldn’t last as long as she did… this morning, she died at 73. Her persistence to live her life to the fullest for the decades after her diagnosis speaks for itself. The Grease superstar known for the iconic “Xanadu” and “Physical” was an important figure in the world of music, especially in the LGBTQI+ community, and of course, Australia losing one of their most beloved performers is a heavy blow.

Fellow Australian icon Barry Crocker, one of our artists, also paid his respects today, as did another Australian artist working with us, Swanee.

Throughout Olivia’s life, we have adored her performances, and followed her work closely, and as with all other Australians, we adored her as a person. We’ve also worked closely with an awesome cover band that pays keen homage to Olivia’s catalogue, that being Pride Music’s The Olivia Project. A project that aims to cover all of Olivia’s best songs, The Olivia Project is an incredible work for anyone interested in music from the pride community, and have turned heads with their covers of “Spend The Night” and “Xanadu” back in the 90s. Through the project, Olivia’s songs live on.

They’re rendered expertly by Paula Lacovich, who is famous for her vocal talents, and the foundation vocalist of the “Olivia Project”, singing just about any song that Olivia recorded and turning it into a classic hit cover. These loving tributes will stand as yet another memorial for how Olivia changed the world with her moving voice and infectious rhythms. Check them out here if you’re interested in more.

Although of course, while cover acts are great, nothing beats the magic of the original. Both Blue Pie Records and Pride Music extend our deep consolations to those who were close to Olivia in this difficult time, and stand in solidarity with one of Australia’s greatest losses in many years. Rest in peace to Olivia.

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