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Submit music requests for the Blue Pie radio show! Episode 3 was hot, let's bring home future episodes!
27 Jul 2021

As you may have heard, our radio show has been doing well lately, to say the least! 107.1 Highland FM has been helping get the best of our catalogue out there, sharing with the world our favourites from the Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues. But today we want to ask you, the readers – what are YOUR favourites from our catalogues? We want to know!

Click here to browse the Blue Pie catalogue, and click here to check out some of DJ Central’s popular compilations. Have a browse – don’t be afraid to check out recent news stories on our sites for hot new releases, or the Youtube channels of either Blue Pie or DJ Central, where all our freshest music videos can be found. Take your time. And just to help you along, here are a few classics that we’ve played in the past on our show!

Now that you’ve done some deep diving… Found a favourite or two? Hopefully, because WE HAVE A BRAND NEW EMAIL AND SKYPE LINE FOR YOU TO SUBMIT REQUESTS TO! If you want a song from our catalogues to be played on our show, just Skype us or email us:

Use the subject line/opening message “RE: Blue Pie/DJ Central Radio Song Request”. Our radio managers will keep their ear to the ground and see what sort of stuff you guys are craving to listen to!

But say that you haven’t heard our show before? Well, if your curiosity is piqued, go ahead and check out these summaries and timetables on the network’s website to inform yourself further! We’ve been loving our life on Southern Highlands local radio.

All different genres cross over for an eclectic night of musical magic with the MCs Mighty and Pyrite, as well as the legendary mix man himself, Gabe Rizza. Blue Pie’s catalogue brings all manner of acoustic and rock hits among some other spicy stuff, while the essential DJ Central has hip hop and EDM covered. We’re proud to present the favourite music you didn’t even know you had yet! Some of you might be sad you’re missing out, though. After all, it’s only a local radio station – what if you’re not in the Southern Highlands? With the state of the world as it is currently, travel is certainly out of the question. Well thankfully you can easily catch each episode after the fact on Mixcloud and Audiomack! We have both episodes 1 through 3 ready to listen to right now, and episode 4 is airing at the end of this week… so if you can’t tune in, look forward to throwing it on online instead!



MCs Mighty and Pyrite underwent extensive training in order to get the show off the ground, by featuring on 100% Home-Grown for about a month and a half. 100% Home-Grown is the one-stop Aussie indie shop for 107.1’s Thursday Night lineup. The pair were given an opportunity to share a great many hits from both Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues, while also training on how to produce their own show. Much love to 100% Home-Grown’s host Lea for giving the boys this opportunity! They recorded their own practice episodes, and after a few tweaks and admin work, they brought on Gabe Rizza, the mastermind behind the remixes of Key Loch’s cover of Frozen by Madonna, plus many more remixes for Key Loch!

Also renowned for his work on restoring iconic master hits from the past such as Running Blue, Gabe has taken a new spin to the radio show, and it’s going to take the Southern Highlands by storm – the radio station love it, and we’re hoping the public do too! But why wonder? You can take the music you love into your own hands by submitting song requests: once again, Skype us or email us:

Use the subject line/opening message “RE: Blue Pie/DJ Central Radio Song Request”.

So get those requests delivered, then tune in to 107.1 and check out our Audiomack and Mixcloud profiles to have a listen to Pyrite, Mighty, and Gabe presenting all your favourite music… and some new favourites you maybe didn’t even know you had yet!

If you want to see what else is on store at this excellent radio station, we have you covered – the schedule is easy to navigate!

And of course, the website is here to fill you in on every detail you could ever want!

Remember, Southern Highlands – the radio hosts at 107.1 are all VOLUNTEERS, WORKING FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC! Bump this station loud and support the magnificent work they do out of the passion in their hearts! That’s why the radio waves in the Highland FM logo form a heart… because that’s what everyone involved with these projects puts into them every single day! We’re proud to sponsor this excellent service, and we’re honoured to have been featured so frequently before our own show has even been established. It’s great to finally get it out the door more or less! The world of the Southern Highlands is about to be rocked to the core by this killer trio! And now, with YOUR SONG REQUESTS added to the mix, this show will take a personal touch for everyone, whether you be in the Southern Highlands or just the online space! Get ready to listen!

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