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The Ray Vanderby Chronicles - learn more about the man himself!
26 Jul 2021

He’s played with just about everyone, and whether or not you know, you’ve probably heard his work! Ray Vanderby is a highly prolific artist to say the least, and now he has a documentary by Planet Blue Pictures that’s all about him… best part is that it’s FREE on Youtube to watch right now!

Known lately for his exploits with Corrugated Iron, Ray Vanderby may need no introduction to many of you: his collaborations with multiple prominent artists across an eclectic range of styles demonstrates his commitment to Australian music, as well as his unquestionable skill.

This skill can be seen clearly in the songs sprinkled throughout each interview in the documentary. Starting off strong with a funny little number about an elephant sitting in some soup, you’ll be taking a deep dive into both Ray’s history with heavy hitters like like the Easybeats as well as his eclectic musical style in general. One of Australia’s pioneers in tickling the ivories, Ray is truly an Australian icon that we’re very grateful to have on the label, and this documentary shows off the sheer scope of what he brings to the table. His history, the passion he puts into his work, and the flexible talent he possesses are all clearly on display here, and you can follow the story straight from the horse’s mouth, as Ray walks you through his journey from his beginnings to the notable point at which he stands now.

“Musician” is a word that describes Ray Vanderby, but it does not cover the full extent of his experience with all things musical. He is a song writer, composer, producer, director, piano tuner, and a frontman singer. He plays organ, piano, keyboards, and guitar. He has seen his fair share of musical experience with multiple groups, all of which you can read about here in his official bio. He’s passionate among many other things, and his work is amassing thousands of plays across the multiple platforms that feature it!

The documentary showcases the depth and breadth of Ray’s expertise across many genres, and lays out clearly the story of one of the greatest contemporary music artists that Australia has ever known. He’s iconic, he’s talented at much more than just playing music, and he’s a gift that keeps on giving. Throughout time he’s established himself as a true veteran, and if you’re unlucky enough to have not have heard of him, take it as a glass-half-full deal – you’re now extra lucky for having discovered him! No matter where you choose to peruse Ray’s content, it’ll be here for you, crisp and fresh, whether he’s tinkering with a modern or nostalgic style – of which you’ll probably be able to appreciate all the more with this doco! Ray is truly versatile, as you can imagine he would be with the wealth of experience that he possesses! There’s plenty on the horizon yet for this ambitious artist, but sometimes it’s great to just stop and smell the roses with a deep dive like this documentary.

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