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Take it easy with one of the Easybeats! Stevie Wright sings his heart out!
30 / 07 / 2020

All you Aussie rebels from the swingin’ 60s, it’s time to get the shock of your life with this throwback! It’s bound to make you happy…

That’s right, the legendary Stevie Wright of The Easybeats is on Spotify and all other major retailers and streaming services! And right here is a blockbuster album that’s sure to please any golden oldie fans of Australia’s best classic pop rock band.

It wouldn’t be many years after the Easybeats stopped their regular activities that AC/DC would take the world by storm, and it’s clear to see the influences the former had on the latter. The Easybeats were one of the most important pop rock bands for Australia, and AC/DC, well… we don’t have to sing their praises. It’s only fitting then, that the guitarist of The Easybeats, George Young was brother to Angus Young and Malcolm Young! You can hear the distinctive Young sound in the melodies. It’s clear to see where The Easybeats fit into musical history, and frontman/co-writer Stevie Wright is no exception!

Good rockers like this are always missed, and Stevie is also no exception for that rule. Stevie Wright singing the Easybeats is a brilliant trip to take down this very catchymemory lane for that same reason. Come take a stroll with us, won’t you?

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