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Tune in to Tik Tok and see Down3r's mini blockbusters!
17 Mar 2021

Down3r is Suga Boom Booming as ever! Tik Tok has been enjoying his presence, and his videos have been doing exceptionally well!  Some of them are even getting excess of 20k plays, but failing that, they never fall outside the hundreds-of-plays territory, and are usually at least in the thousands. Check out Down3r’s Tik Tok so you can add to that!

@therealsugaboomboomReply to @bighoss_1995♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom

@therealsugaboomboom ##duet with @ceo_aye_hood ♬ original sound – Ysa_bootzz90


♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom


♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

@therealsugaboomboomReply to @sonnywilliams37

♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom

As you can see from these examples, the sort of content Down3r is making in order to rake in this kind of clout varies, but is essentially what you’d expect. Everything from cute animal videos to shoutouts, DL is making his presence known online, and is giving the fans every little bit of what they want! With over 165K followers, DL is making Tik Tok his own, just like we previously reported! We’re always happy to see that things are continuing to go well for him. But just as everything Down3r touches turns to gold, the same is true for Tik Toks involving his work, it would seem! Especially with the Latin American team’s latest venture that we talked about not too long ago, the Suga Boom Boom hashtag that’s turning a few heads on the network right now! Everything from dances to sketches to insane Tik Toks like the ones we’ve produced in the past are showing up in this movement, and we can see it taking off given time, just like our hashtags did in the past with all those fan contributions!

@bluepielatamNew challenge #SBBchallnge are you in? #sugaboomboom #challange #dldown3r #dance @juusvweet Just join the challenge 💥♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatam New challenge #SBBchallenge are you in? #sugaboomboom #challenge #dldown3r #dance ♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatamARE YOU IN?💥 #SBBchallenge #sugaboomboom #challenge #dldown3r @therealsugaboomboom #fyp

♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatam Suga Boom Boom Pt 1💥 Join our dance challenge @therealsugaboomboom #sugaboomboom #sugaboomboomchasingdragon #challenges_tiktok #dance #fyp #bluepie ♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

@bluepielatamSuga Boom Boom Pt 2💥 Join our dance challenge@therealsugaboomboom #sugaboomboom #sugaboomboomchasingdragon #challenges_tiktok #dance #fyp #bluepie

♬ sonido original – BluePieLatam

If Down3r wasn’t a household name before, he certainly is now, although we reckon he’s definitely been a huge juggernaut for a while now! You’ve been hearing Suga Boom Boom across youtube, facebook, and even on your local radio, and now it’s rather telling that it continues to snowball almost effortlessly! Although there has been a ton of effort behind the scenes from the LATAM team, so perhaps it only seems effortless, and is taking a load of effort and passion from the team… shh. That’s a magician’s secret.

So until the next monolithic movement involving Down3r, we’ll see you in these viral trends, vibing to excellent music and loving the ever-growing culture surrounding this hip hop artist visionary.

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