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The Festival 70 compilation is one of the sweetest releases from Sweet Peach!
3 / 08 / 2020

“Legendary” is an adjective we’ve been throwing around a lot lately, and while it can be seen as a matter of opinion, we daresay that it’s an objective fact when it concerns The Beatles.

Our artists, such as Dino Jag, have had dealings with some of the band members, and today is another such case in a way – here we have a compilation of Festival 70, a blockbuster hit featuring the headliner of Doug Ashdown covering “With A Little Help From My Friends”!

Ashdown’s version is a bit more sombre and emotional as an alternative take, and it’s far from the only thing on this mega album! There’s so much to discover here! This is one of many Sweet Peach record releases, and has such the physical copy has become a relic, a rare find from a golden era. But thanks to the internet, it’s more accessible than ever! Now, this sweet classic is available on all major online retailers and streaming services, including everyone’s favourite, Spotify!

This is but a taste of the whole experience waiting for you within this compilation, and within Sweet Peach’s entire catalogue. If you’re still curious about the extent of Sweet Peach’s impact on the music world, check out their discography and the full documentation of their story below which we used excerpts from! And of course, their shiny new website.

The legacy of Jimmy Stewart and the rest of the crew from Sweet Peach is still alive and well, much to our delight. Sweet Peach Records are digitally distributed by Blue Pie Records for the world, and is protected/has its rights managed by Ordior. We are honoured to be responsible for the distribution of such a prestigious label and catalogue, and this teamwork is a testament of our appreciation for this little slice of Aussie musical history.

And a fun fact for you: while this compilation is made entirely with Sweet Peach acts, did you know that Sweet Peach themselves didn’t release it? For more fascinating trivia like that, brush up on the significance of Festival 70 and the acts that helped create it, and of course Sweet Peach in general, by clicking here:

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