What They Say About Us !

I love the work that Blue Pie Records has done for my career and music !!!

"My experience with Blue Pie over the past few months of working with them has been absolutely wonderful! They are such good people who really know this business and put 100% of their time and talents into everything they do. I am tremendously impressed with the results so far, and I feel confident that my music and I are in good hands!"

Jessy Tomsko

To Damien Reilly and The Blue Pie Team & Cathy Lemmon at ADN

I have learned so much from Damien since being part of his team at Blue Pie Records. His guidance has helped improve my guitar skills, which meant learning to play scales blindfolded.

When I started playing gigs five days a week , his words really changed my performance: "Look forward to each day as you may never ever see that person in the crowd again. Think about this for a moment, you connect for a few moments and then nothing for ever". Cathy’s advice and encouragement has been really incredible in helping me believe in myself and my songs. Thank you both!

Johanna Winkel

AIN Distribution Recommends Blue Pie !

Blue Pie has been an asset in the growth of my company, AIN Music & Distribution by handling all the administration and sales reports for our artist roster. Blue Pie allows provides our team with greater opportunity and real growth to develop our our business with no real stress or worries.

I would recommend any label, major or indie to consult with Blue Pie on how to take a step in the right direction for success!

David Ford
CEO and Founder

To all the indie artists out there check out what Blue Pie Records can do for you !

“As an independent artist releasing my projects via my own label over the past seven years it was a major and long thought out decision to sign on with Blue Pie Records this past summer.

The primary reason I did sign on was their honest belief in my songs and me as an artist as well as their very forward knowledge of the current state of the music business world-wide.

I feel strongly that my partnership with Blue Pie greatly benefit my career. Blue Pie really has been brilliant with the process of transferring my full catalog and content into their systems seamlessly as well as the complete re-branding of me on the web.

These guys have been hands on and very aggressive in a short period of time. I believe that any artist whom Blue Pie shows interest in should heavily consider signing on.“

Johnny Bennett 

Calling all labels and artists have a look at what Blue Pie Records can do for you !

I just wanted to let you know about our experience with Blue Pie Records. We regularly have business development meetings with Artists in need of a high profile major label look web/social sites. Branding is  thoroughly brainstormed often with an extremely quick completion. Within days of bringing a left of centre act to the table, Damien had assembled his team of business experts who have had major business achievements in finance and corporate dealings. This is a key part of this business.

In short Earth And The Next Society with a new classic rock sound are on the way to being a highly visible act throughout the US and eventually going international. I brought the act to the table but what an amazing plan to team the band with lifestyle marketing.

Blue Pie is set up like the majors, with multiple departments and hard working employees. Most are real music people with business acumen as opposed to the old way of hiring business grads to man the fort.

We have had a major turn around in our business. Our label is pretty much a turnkey operation, allowing us to focus on signing Artists, assisting in promotions and booking them. This new model of doing business is immediately successful and a welcome relief from getting approval from gatekeepers who often are disinterested in amazing music.

I encourage you to get on board with Damien and the crew to revolutionize your growth.

Ross Tonkin
CEO of Concerthouse Music

Peter Head talks about his experience with Blue Pie Records

Blue Pie Records have renewed my faith in the future of the Australian Recording Industry.

I was getting old, cynical, bitter, and twisted until I recently got a call from Lindsay Osborne, (aka Linzi O). He introduced me to his good friend, ceo-Damien ,and now I feel I have found a team that now only CARES about the music, but who are prepared to actually get down and dirty to do the hard creative work necessary to create new looking and sounding product, and for that I am full of admiration. And then...they really know how to sell it world-wide better than anyone I have ever seen.

These boys saw the future way back in the beginning, and now their hard work will make them deserve to be the last people standing at the end. And did I mention that it is not only exciting , but fun to be around them, and I hope that it will go on ,and on, and show the rest of the world how to do it.

All the best, my friends.

Peter Head
Resident Psychedelic Godfather,
still the hardest working muso in the country today!

Thanks for the incredible work. Blue Pie Delivers !!!

My first ever band, 'Headband' had recorded an album way back in 1971 which had since been lost to the band in terms of profile, sales and royalty streams. Except for pirated versions selling from some dodgy sites in Europe, no-one could get a legitimate copy of this album any more, or the songs on it.

Enter Damien Reilly and the Blue Pie team. Within a few weeks of us bringing our problem to their attention, the album tracks were listed and up on iTunes, the album artwork and profile boosted onto a Myspace page, and our lost royalty stream returned to us.

I can not get over all the heart-warming enthusiasm for our band and our music.

Blue Pie Delivers!

Chris Bailey
HeadBand Founding Member | The Angels

Dave Sharp loves the Blue Pie Record team

Its been a great vibe all along working with the Blue Pie Team and Damien's non stop energy + meeting and working with some great artists at Blue Pie. I’m excited and honoured to be heading the new "ELECTRIC BLUE JAZZ"  label at Blue Pie, and to expand my music and production work worldwide.

All of this came about from sending Damien a CD a year ago and the future looks amazing. I really look forward to our meetings in LA. Success is assured with the great Blue Pie team.

Dave Sharp

To the Blue Pie Team and Damien “The Lion King” Reilly – Thank You !

I just wanted to say that I'm so grateful for all that you are keep doing every day to help with my career and if there is anything that I can do to help Blue Pie, please let me know. Even if it's writing music to keep your employees harmonious!!!

You guys are the best and I do not know what I would be doing without you. Thanks for the total faith in me and my music.

Michael Horsphol

Thanks from Craig Fraser for all the great work !

Hi Damien and the Blue Pie admin team, I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and all of the Blue Pie team for all of your hard work in assisting me with Austrade and establishing me as a music exporter.Through your extensive network and unparalleled business model you have shown me the power of good marketing and the potential that access to the whole world can bring.

This was only achievable with the backing of Blue Pie. The future is looking good.

Thanks again for all you and the team do each day for me and my music.

Craig Fraser www.craigfraserband.com

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