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Peter Asher loves the OUTpsiDER remix’s of ” World Without Love ” by Lennon & McCartney

Thanks for sending these mixes. I have really enjoyed listening to these imaginative and exciting new mixes for "I Go To Pieces" which was originally written by Del Shannon and "World Without Love" which was a Paul McCartney song.

Peter Asher
Co-President of Sanctuary Artist Management
Manager of Macy Gray | The Dixie Chicks

Tony Hatch loves the remixes from the OUTpsiDER !

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the new treatments of DOWNTOWN and I'm confident that Petula will feel the same. I congratulate the OUTpsiDER for his imaginative transformation of the original record from a 60's classic to a sound of the new millennium.. a sound of today.

I'm impressed with the credentials of all those who will be involved in the marketing and promotion of the record. There is no doubt that it is a great team.

Tony Hatch
Writer of DOWNTOWN

Click here to read Tony Hatch's letter of thanks:
BPP - Downtown - Tony Hatch Letter of Approval 020403

To all the indie artists out there check out what Blue Pie Records can do for you !

“As an independent artist releasing my projects via my own label over the past seven years it was a major and long thought out decision to sign on with Blue Pie Records this past summer.

The primary reason I did sign on was their honest belief in my songs and me as an artist as well as their very forward knowledge of the current state of the music business world-wide.

I feel strongly that my partnership with Blue Pie greatly benefit my career. Blue Pie really has been brilliant with the process of transferring my full catalog and content into their systems seamlessly as well as the complete re-branding of me on the web.

These guys have been hands on and very aggressive in a short period of time. I believe that any artist whom Blue Pie shows interest in should heavily consider signing on.“

Johnny Bennett 

Glenn A Baker loves the OUTpsiDER remix’s of “Downtown” and “Sweets for my Sweet” !

In the climate subsequent to the enormous world wide success of the remix of Elvis Presley's " A Little Less Conversation" Alex's deft and clever remix's will undoubtedly have a ready made market in a number of countries. Having had the opportunity to speak to Petula Clark, members of the Searchers and the producer common to them both Tony Hatch , I have been able to observer first hand their enormous and honest enthusiasm for what has been accomplished for such standards as DOWNTOWN and SWEETS for MY SWEET.

What seems to impress all concerned is how much the much loved songs have had new life breathed into them with due integrity and respect and how Alex has been able to retain the original spirit and magic of these classic 60's whilst taking them some where else again.On the dance floors and over the radio these remix's look set to have a galvanizing effect on a great many listeners, most of whom were not even alive when the tracks were hits first time around.

Glenn A Baker
Writer | Broadcaster | Researcher | Specialist Speaker

Calling all labels and artists have a look at what Blue Pie Records can do for you !

I just wanted to let you know about our experience with Blue Pie Records. We regularly have business development meetings with Artists in need of a high profile major label look web/social sites. Branding is  thoroughly brainstormed often with an extremely quick completion. Within days of bringing a left of centre act to the table, Damien had assembled his team of business experts who have had major business achievements in finance and corporate dealings. This is a key part of this business.

In short Earth And The Next Society with a new classic rock sound are on the way to being a highly visible act throughout the US and eventually going international. I brought the act to the table but what an amazing plan to team the band with lifestyle marketing.

Blue Pie is set up like the majors, with multiple departments and hard working employees. Most are real music people with business acumen as opposed to the old way of hiring business grads to man the fort.

We have had a major turn around in our business. Our label is pretty much a turnkey operation, allowing us to focus on signing Artists, assisting in promotions and booking them. This new model of doing business is immediately successful and a welcome relief from getting approval from gatekeepers who often are disinterested in amazing music.

I encourage you to get on board with Damien and the crew to revolutionize your growth.

Ross Tonkin
CEO of Concerthouse Music

Words of love from Fusier

Working with Damien has been great especially since he knows the area so well when it comes to digital/internet distribution & having someone like Colin Seeger in the music law area with him, makes an efficient team I feel I can trust.

They have done an incredible job of getting all my music out to new fans that I would never have been able to conect with on my own. The staff and all the people that work there are super friendly and love what they do.

I highly recommnend this great indie label. They are the music label of old with the touch of all the great new things like digital distribution and market for some of us old school arists.


Idyllium sends their love to Blue Pie Records !

Thanks for the great work that you and the Blue Pie Media Team do every week for us with opening up new markets for our music. We love the reports console and the transparent reporting.  The Blue Pie Data reports console is a great reports system.

Sabino Mogavero | CEO

Thank you Damien!

It was great to meet you last night, and Damien - and of course to discover that Helmet is part of your team. That was so synchronistic it was spooky.

Talking with you gave me a sense of where you guys are at, where you are going and made you significantly more real for me. I came away feeling glad that I am on your books and optimistic about musical possibilities.

Hopefully we'll be in further contact soon.


Some words from Marco Esu

"Your system is very great, this is the best. Cheers!"

Marco Esu
Idyllium, Italy

Many thanks to the Blue Crew

Bloody brilliant! Thanks a million for the amazing work.

Tim Flattery | Engage Director | Carat Australia

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