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2020 Tik Toks seeing success! The Suga Boom Boom Randowis meme at 2k!
10 May 2021

Last year, we all went a little crazy in lockdown, don’t judge. It was the year when Tik Tok really took off to the stratosphere because of it. Don’t get us wrong, it was popular before, but in 2020? You couldn’t escape it, just like you couldn’t escape your own house.

2020 was also the year that gifted us the Key Crashers’ remix of Suga Boom Boom… so, back in the day, we took that remix…

And this amazing animation “Monday Blues” from Youtuber Randowis… And combined them! And you can read all about that by clicking here, or just checking out the goods below.

@bluepierecords##suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom the Key Crashers remix! Original animation by RandoWis on Youtube!♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

That was our very first video for Tik Tok. And we’re pleased to report that the upload for this vid has 2,083 views on Youtube at the time of writing! And the other Tik Toks we made are also seeing some success. But as for what’s up on Youtube, this is at the top of the list!

And as for the rest, we even made a playlist of all of them. Some yesteryear vintage memey fun in here, including stuff from Down3r, the Key Crashers, and even Sam Pollard. Go nuts, because HERE’S THE PLAYLIST:

It’s nice to see all these videos gain success, even if they’re slow growers. We did it for the good cause of some banging tracks that we really can’t get enough of, and the bobby bouncy stretchy style of Randowis that we can’t stop watching! His talent and that of the Key Crashers have given us cause to create a tribute to the music we love… and wouldn’t you know it, he’s made a sequel video to his animation in the time since we made the Tik Tok! We missed that sassy cat.

But of course we can’t leave DL Down3r, original creator of Suga Boom Boom, out of the accolades!

Yeah right, as if we would. Down3r himself isn’t doing too shabby as far as Tik Tok is concerned, to say nothing of his excellent music! It’s thanks to imaginative souls like him, The Key Crashers, and of course the painstaking efforts from the animator Randowis that we have beautiful unions like this! All credit goes to Randowis for the visuals – internet animators don’t get enough clout, and when paired with hip hop and EDM musicians, it makes for a beautiful union of talent.

But this is far from all – be sure to check out this article for a refresher on just how many different ways KC and Down3r’s fans contributed towards the Suga Boom Boom remixes during 2020’s hellish lockdown months!

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