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09 Jul 2009

Looking for fiery vocals and lyrics? Well look no further as 7 Horses are set to conquer the musical world with their alternative acoustics and blend of diverse styles.

The VH-1 Song of the Year Contest has put them in the eye of the industry, having been placed runner-up for their songs “Scattered” They are currently performing in the tri-state area, and their CD can be heard on many internet radio stations.

Blue Pie is very proud to have secured world wide distribution rights to “7 Horses”. Joanne Filips is a prolific songwriter who sings lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar. Phil “The General” Russo plays lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar as well as background vocals. The pair were joined by Buddy Braile introducing beats that soar to the dizzy heights that are the 7 Horses. They play real music, music that has stayed with us for decades and its rawness and purity will prove to be just as good in ten years to come.

Their music is a blend of unique chord voicing and signature rhythmic patterns which lead to guitar exploration of its very own. Their sounds has warm Blues undertones, you could even call it a beautiful darkness that is captivating and leaves you doing a little soul searching with the help of its emotive sound scape.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet the 7 Horses!

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