blue pie news struggling to compete with album sales.
08 Oct 2012

“ is pretty much giving away downloads of the new albums by Green Day and No Doubt. You can pick ‘em up, or pick ‘em out for five bucks. That’s the equivalent of free, kids. (The so called deluxe version of No Doubt’s “Push and Shove” are $7.99.)” have been significantly lowering their album prices, to stimulate sales and compete with free streaming programs such as Spotify. But at five bucks, Amazon is taking a hair cut, that’s for sure. And it means that the two albums will do much better in the charts next week for debuts than they might have otherwise.


“With music sales very shaky, they probably figure it’s the only way to stimulate sales” are they wrong? No, It’s no secret that album sales have been on the decline for quite some time now and lowing an albums price will almost certainly boost sales.”


But in both band’s cases, it’s a concession that no money can be made from actual album sales. The revenue has to come from live performances.


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