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Argentina is seeing some new Blue Pie influence! Welcoming some new members to the team!
24 Mar 2022

This has been an exciting time for Blue Pie! We’ve been expanding further into Argentina, and our Latin American team is working away at getting our incredible acts all over their part of the world. When you’re working with artists like DL Down3r, Key Loch, Josh Young, BlackFaceNaija, Oohlala and Charass, the sky is really the limit! And that’s just scratching the surface. It’s been amazing to see this level of airplay and general success that the team has been achieving! For that, we wanna give up a huge shoutout of thanks to general manager Carola Pandre, and social media managers Delfina Armendares and Ariel Masi for their contributions to this global effort.

And the good news doesn’t stop there for our LATAM team! We’re welcoming some fresh blood to the ranks, with three new members: Francisco, Daniela, and Sofía! Here’s a little bit more about them all.

Francisco Iudica:

Francisco Iudica is a social media assistant with our Latin American branch. As a musician and cultural producer, he is greatly interested in the world of art, and artists in general. This of course includes the tools that we use to communicate with our social media platforms, and the audiences and followerbases of our various artists. Francisco, therefore, always wanted to work in a record label, and learn about the company dynamics that we work through every day.

As a social media assistant, he’s gotten his wish. He’s able to meet people from the industry and put his creative spin out there into the strange fusion of art and socialising that is modern social media.


Sofía Wheeler is a content team assistant from Argentina, currently living in Buenos Aires and working for our Latin American team. She loves music, which sees her fitting nicely into her current role of sorting various kinds of music content for our companies. Our catalogue is immense and grows bigger every day, and as a result, not all of it is organised. But with diligent minds like Sofía’s on the case, the ever-increasing tide of work isn’t just manageable, it’s sure to lead to lots of exciting releases!

Her role is vital, as it’s due to content workers like herself that our various compilation series are created in the first place. These collections of various talents can help shine a spotlight on a small-time indie artist who otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed in today’s highly competitive music industry, and give passionate artists their true chance to shine.

Daniela Flores:

Daniela Flores is a radio and playlist assistant working with our Latin American team. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she’s passionate about creative processes and stimulating challenges aimed at achieving goals. This makes sense, as she’s also a journalist. She has experience in writing, directing, producing and press, and has mainly worked out of Venezuela, Argentina and the US.

In 2014, she created “Eurek! Magazine”, a digital entertainment and variety magazine, furthering her journalism journey to the next level. She enjoys working in a team, but can also fly solo. This level of people skills and management experience is doubtlessly going to come in handy, as distributing our gargantuan catalogue across multiple radio networks every day requires persistence, clever planning, and piles upon piles of spreadsheets!

Welcome these three to the team everyone! If you click on their names, you can find out more about them on their Blue Pie artist bios. Thanks to our Latin American team, and we’re very much looking forward to more good times with more new teammates than ever!

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