South America Team


Social Media Assistant | Video Production Manager

Francisco Iudica is a social media assistant and video production manager with our Latin American branch. As a musician and cultural producer, he is greatly interested in the world of art, and artists in general. This of course includes the tools that we use to communicate with our social media platforms, and the audiences and followers of our various artists. Francisco, therefore, always wanted to work in a record label, and learn about the company dynamics that we work through every day.

As a social media assistant, he’s gotten his wish. He’s able to meet people from the industry and put his creative spin out there into the strange fusion of art and socialising that is modern social media. In the past, Francisco worked with musicians and producers; he recorded albums, directed music sessions videos, and produced cultural events. His experience with these ventures will doubtlessly come in handy while he works here. Social media teams are tricky things to organise, and the more teams we have for different markets and parts of the world, the better. This means that Francisco has found a very handy niche here, and we’re very much looking forward to the artsy blend of coordination and passion he can bring to our Latin American social media!

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