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Australia's Johnny Cash is back via Spotify! Lee Conway and Sweet Peach are here for you!
18 Aug 2020

If you’ve been paying attention to the Blue Pie new releases lately, you might see that there’s a certain legendary country figure that we’ve been a little obsessed with lately… Well, that’s for good reason. Lee Conway has gotten all his Sweet Peach albums re-released, and on top of that, has a new website!

Whether it be his amazing work on Adultery…

Or perhaps his nostalgic Applewood Memoirs

We’ve been loving everything we’ve covered so far on Lee Conway, and then some! After all, there’s plenty from the Sweet Peach catalogue that we haven’t even had the chance to mention yet. Say that you wanted a general overview of his work but didn’t want to plunge into his entire catalogue at random. Why, Lee Conway volumes 1 and 2 will help you with that of course!

Or how about the mythical “Cowboys and Engines” album which was originally never released… surprise! Here it is, preserved and pristine!

That’s a slice of country music history that demands proper respect and preservation, and Sweet Peach and Blue Pie are here to deliver. That’s why Sweet Peach’s entire catalogue, including Lee Conway’s work, is now distributed on all major online retailers and streaming services, such as Spotify. No longer will we have to miss out on hearing these amazing tracks… and the best part is, the physical Sweet Peach collections are still quite rare! Have fun, all you collectors and recordheads out there! But for the rest of us, the music is often enough. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we can get. Sweet Peach’s catalogue going online is one of the best things to happen musically this year, and Lee Conway is just one example of why!

But if you happen to be unfamiliar with Lee Conway, you really are missing out… but luckily, clicking here and reading his bio would be the perfect way to get yourself started!

Lee Conway’s catalogue is but a taste of the whole experience waiting for you within Sweet Peach’s overall catalogue… albeit, it’s one of the sweetest tastes you can find. But if you’re still curious about the extent of Sweet Peach’s impact on the music world, check out their discography and the full documentation of their story below which we used excerpts from! And of course, their shiny new website.

The legacy of Jimmy Stewart and the rest of the crew from Sweet Peach is still alive and well, much to our delight. Sweet Peach Records are digitally distributed by Blue Pie Records for the world, and is protected/has its rights managed by Ordior. We are honoured to be responsible for the distribution of such a prestigious label and catalogue, and this teamwork is a testament of our appreciation for this little slice of Aussie musical history.

And if you needed more info on Lee Conway specifically, and want to plunge into one of the greatest Australian Country Music legacies ever, we have all the info you need on his bio… so click here!

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