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Blue Pie appoints Dale Nougher
18 May 2010

Blue Pie appoints Dale Nougher to the Blue Pie Business Development Team. Dale Nougher played Roland pianos and synths in rock bands in the 70s.The Tasmanian band ‘EARSHOT’supported touring bands such as ‘MI-SEX’at festivals and large pubs.(more about the 70s later).Dale Nougher plays blues and rock piano,however many years of solo improvisation has seen Dale traverse all genres. He is one of Australia’s masters of CHILL and Down Tempo. Dale is part of the Blue Pie Business Development Team working with a global network of consultants seeking out the coolest chill content on the planet. He is held with high regard by the entire Blue Pie staff and we are honoured to have Dale on the team. For more information on Dale you can visit his My Space site and website at  & For more details on Dale you can see his profile in the Australian team section of the website.

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