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Blue Pie & Beverage Holdings Team Up
29 Oct 2009

Blue Pie and Beverage Holdings team up to bring music to the new ” Rock Energy Music ” store. The new store will see a new era in Music and Energy Drinks being promoted by the Music Industry. The new stores will be live in the next 45 days and will be open in time for the Xmas retail season. As Damien Reilly says ” This is a great moment for the independent music industry, we now have a great business partner with Beverage Holdings and one that understands that the market likes to also consume new and original music from the Indie Labels around the world. We will be working with our partners to provide the consumers with one of the largest indie music catalogues in the world in which to download music from all new independent and established indie artists globally. Labels like MGM The Groove Merchants, Cyberset, Sharkarts and Reality Entertainment to name a few will be featured in the store. We look forward to massive success with Beverage Holdings.

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