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Blue Pie Networks Are All The Rage!
14 Sep 2012

Our Facebook networks have been exploding with the recent addition of Sydonia to our family. Eleven Dollars and Beyond Stars Entertainment have also been making quite an impact on our networks.

There is so much hype around Sydonia with their latest release, ‘Waiting For Words That Don’t Exist,’ (available on iTunes) we’re tripping over all the incoming traffic. We are preparing ourselves for more as we initiate more exciting competitions and develop Sydonia into a nationwide phenomenon.

Eleven Dollars are continuing to impress us as their total reach closes in on the 100,000 mark, which is a highly remarkable feat. Their latest single, ‘Lighter Shade of Gray,’ is available on iTunes.

Beyond Stars Entertainment recognizes that the new music industry requires new technology and systems to be able to compete in the new digital markets today. Beyond Stars Entertainment and Blue Pie’s digital infrastructure are able to offer real hope, real change and real revenues.

Sydonia’s Facebook Page
Eleven Dollars’ Facebook Page
Beyond Stars Entertainment’s Facebook Page

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