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Craig Fraser releases his new single "Jerry Springer" on iTunes!
02 May 2012

Craig Fraser is one of our favorite artists here at Blue Pie. His talent lies especially within writing his own music and lyrics that are perfectly attuned to his life experiences. His lyrics in particular, have been known to flow so transcendently that they bear distinct similarities with other artists such as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and the Eagles.


Much of Fraser’s values lies within his ability to understand both his strength and his weaknesses. From his understanding of this, he has been able to distinctly suit himself between the genre’s of country, folk, pop with even some rock undertones.

While “Jerry Springer” of all things is the title of the newest single by Fraser, we wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea seeing as the song is a definite must have.

So to show Craig Fraser your support and to learn exactly why we love him so much here at Blue Pie, check out his myspace and his iTunes account today!

Craig Fraser is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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