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FallsStart announce new album release titled "Our Summer" due out August 2012!
14 May 2012

Blue Pie are proud to announce the pending release of alternative punk/rock band FallsStart’s new album “Our Summer”, which is set to be released August 10th, 2012.

The bands influences of incredible talent such as Yellow card, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, and other classics like The Beatles and Lynyrd Skynrd is made apparent through the solidity and fresh sound of the album.

“Our Summer” will feature six songs, with titles that include “Heir to the Throne”, “Happy Song” and “Glass”.

While August is still a fair way away at this point, you can still check out the band and their previous work at their website.

Also make sure to check out their 2010 release ‘Casus Incipiunt’ on Itunes!

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