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Funky P has been super busy in the studio recording with Pamela Falcon !!!
23 Jan 2014

Funky P has been super busy in the studio. He has Just finished recording a NEW Hit song with Pamela Falcon. The producer is Claudio Pagonis (Tinseltown Music Productions Koeln). Pagonis has worked with such artists as Max Mutzke, No Angels, Jennifer Braun, Unheilig,Daniel SchuhmacherNothing To Lose, Barbara SchönebergerNochmal, Nur Anders and Stefanie Heinzmann(Digging in the Dirt). The new songs were recorded at Tinseltown Studios (Koeln- old EMI building) and  the studio is home to such people as Roachford, Roger Cicero, Unheilig and Stefanie Heinzmann.

Pamela Falcon is from the first VOG show and helped to make it one of Germany’s top programs and a big reason I decided to do the show. She sang the duet ‘Purple Rain’ with Percy Duke. Be on the look out for release details coming soon!

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